Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's been a year!!!!

Heya Buddy!!

It has been a full complete year since you left us bro. everything just feels like yesterday. Time just passes so fast. I spoke with your dad two days back; we were talking about how everything happened so fast. It has been a while since I wrote to you yaar. I am sorry for that. Life just move on very fast, that you get lost in its speed. But still, those 2 eventful years that we had in our college were really memorable. You could say, it counts among the best times of my life so far. There are lots of stuffs happening around us lately brother. Let’s start from our gang itself. Vijay and Bhavana has got engaged, Jemy is getting married on Jan 30th, Kannan is kinda stuck in Mumbai itself, he will kill me for typing in ‘Stuck’, he pretty much loves that place. Geever is all lost in Chennai. Met with Sanoop and Ginal very recently when I went for my vacation. It was really special. They are also doing great. Yeah! Rini, she is down here with me, still the same old Rini, she hasn’t put on even a single gram of weight. Lachu is also getting married soon, her fiancĂ© is a guy from Jaipur, and she called up and asked me to come. Because of my excellent knowledge in geography, I actually thought Jaipur was in Delhi. It is kinda very difficult to attend all these people’s marriage yaar; these people have kept their marriages at the time of our peak period in our work. There is absolutely no news about Veena and Radhika. Veena is spending her time in Dubai, I guess, but there is absolutely no clue about Radhika. These are the updates about our gang yaar. I hope I haven’t left anyone.

If you were still among us, I guess you would have been in Bangalore. That’s the place most of the Systems fellas got placed. Really miss you man. You were a real inspiration to guys like us in many ways. The cool attitude you had to every problem, your style of writing (I really loved your blogs yaar), it was a great source of inspiration for me. Don’t get flattered dude. Your style of writing was kinda cool buddy. You remember all those parental advisory poems that I used to write, the urge to write, all came from you. Ok! I am stopping; I don’t want you to have a gala time over cloud 9.

Even though an eventful year had passed on, it still pains coz you are not around. A pinch of tear comes from nowhere to the corner of my eyes, when I think about you. I wish you could somehow feel it brother.
That’s all for now dude. I will keep you posted. You would always be with us my dear bro.

Always N Forever’


P.S: We would always Miss you!

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  1. daa we had a get together last month it was great had fun with all. Miss u a lot daa