Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letter 12 (31/01/2010)

Hi Fanuuuuuuuuuuu!

THANKS TO VJ like always ;)

Vj is right! I was Hopping around like PONYO when I 1st wrote a letter
to you Fanu ;). Thank you Vj, its coz of your brilliant idea abt the
whole blogging thing "letterstomanu" that all of us are able to talk to
Fanu. It feels great and I am so happy and thrilled to write letters
to you Fanu.

Oh yea!...We did have lots of fun coordinating the whole DELOITTE
recruiting process till 2 in the 9t and guess wt! The HR manager
cldn't survive without me for a min! The moment I was out of her sight
she used to ask abt me! Shoo! I was in such a DEMAND... as always ;)!

The guys in the recruiting panel were okay.. not my type :). But the
guys frm other colleges were cool looking... but dono why I am no more
interested in 'vayanokin':(. But vj n chinju as usual were big tym
vayanokin esp the HR manager! U missed it!

Hey Fanu with whom are you practicing ur Flirting abilities up there? Plz tel me..No..No.. I won't feel 'j'. I promise. Hope ur sweetie won't mind it either. ;-p

Ooooops! I almost forgot to tell u somethin.. Check out this link- . Its too hilarious!
Its our very own Vj sleepin in class .. but this time in a different style. HEEHEEHEEHHH!

Anyways, thanks a lot for telling Ria and other friends of your's that
I am a really Pavam girl. Which I am (though few can't digest it!) ;).

Fye 4 now,
Take Care,

Ur Favna (like Ria says).

P.S. We miss you...

Letter 11 (31/01/2010)

Heya ManuP!

How's life in the cloudy city going? Smooth? I forgot to ask in the first letter whether there was a McDonalds in heaven! Heheheh! So? Is there one? ;D

Guess you already heard about Rini And Rejin getting placed! Can you Imagine them as Professionals?!? Man it's going to be hilarious! It would be really cool if they got placed in Chennai with me n Favna! All the kooks in one city! Chennai would pay us millions to get out and spare their city! Heheheh!

The selection process was crazy! Took three whole days! And the people had to stay back till 2 a.m on two days! Favna and I were placement coordinators! No wonder it was a crazy process! But 18 people got placed! Talk about a lottery! Our placement sir had tears of joy running down his face when they announced the results! Heheheheh! The two days we had to stay back at college were amazing fun! Who knew that the night life at college was so cool?! It was like we had the whole college to ourselves! No rules, no restrictions, no faculty! We were the kings of the campus for a couple of glorious days! :D

Oh! Guess what? We don't have a sports day this time! We have a whole SPORTS WEEK! Na Na... don't get to excited! We also have classes the whole week! Confused?? Yeah we are too! Apparently we have classes till the afternoon and then sports events from 3.45 p.m onwards. Genius huh? Our management's getting innovative and coming up whole new ways of screwing us over! ;D Maybe they will give us the 4th and the 5th off the full day for sports. But knowing our college I wouldn't keep my hopes up!

Look how our blog is doing! Barely a week old and already 10 posts are up! Dude you're popular even in your afterlife! :P Thanks for inspiring us all ManuP! People who haven't even dreamed of blogging are now blogging away to glory! I think Favna's getting addicted. She was hopping around like a rabbit on a caffeine rush after she posted her first letter! Heheheh! We'll keep on going! Who knows? Maybe in a months time we'll have 100 posts up! We will keep your memory alive!

That's it for now. We'll keep you posted on all the bruises, dislocations and fights during sports week.

With lotsa love,

P.S. We miss you...

letter 10

hey jeeju
ria kutty here.......
my head is full of account jeeju
v have accounts board practical on wed
plz pray for me
and just say this to ur new frnds and ask them also to pray for me......
will confirm the date and tell...
but dont worry......will write a letter to you everyday...until u say i am bored......
hope you wont say tht
ayoooo ayoo forgot manu chetta
sweety got placed in DELOITTE......
happy na......the funniest thing is rejin chettan is also placed in DELOITTE
will send the treat soon thru DTDC parcel service.......
me w8ing for her treat.......hoping to get it soon.......
thn common say smthing
wht visheshams ther
all r fine na
ma regards....did ya say abt me to thm.......just do mention ok
now really close to jemy chechi and jishnu chettan.......
jemy chechi is pavam no need to say mch na....she is ur step daughter na
u will know na...........
planning to give a small surprise to kannan chettan
very small......very very small......
wht???????? hahaha thinking wht will the surprise???????
ya the same small thing which i gave you
nd u made fun of me saying it was nt a surprise nd all.....orakkanundoooo....hahaha angane
vayikku vaaaaa
today v had beef roast nd all
yup????u r right sunday spcl.....
jeeju this is it for now.....i am leaving.....
bye tc......
hey 1 more thing
hope u r satisfied wid ma small small letters

ur 1 nd only
ria kutty
P.S:-love you loads and miss you

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letter 9

hiiii manu chetta aka jeeju

hey 1st of all sorry jeeju...4 being l8 to write a letter
din cm on for 3-4days was bc wid farewell nd after party
it was superb jeeju....njoyed a lot
nd the after farewell party...omg ther was a big surprise
guess wht?????????
v saw prithvi nd shreya saran(shivaji fame) but prithvi is kind of a
jada person......
who cares...alle jeeju
nd v took photos wid shreya...i will show u all the farewell pics soon...
y dont u cm online
or call me or atleast send offline msgs or sms
u used to send me everyday wht happnd
yaaaaaaaaa....srry MP got it u might not have got the
cell phone or connection ther na........
ya get it soon
take bsnl connection
so v can talk for 10 paise per min
kannan chettan,deepu chettan,jishnu chettan,jemy chechi,rads,nd ur
favana came home on 26th
as u said kannan chettan,jishnu chettan nd favana r really pavam
yar.....really really
i think favana is cming home for the 1st tym
but she is a pavam jeeju
and jishnu chettan is cming for de sec tym
but kannan chettan came so many tym to r house
but he spoke to me for the 1st tym
they r all pavam as u said
i know ther will b so many grammar mistakes
i am not so fluent in eng as u r......when u asked me ot read ur blog
i said na u have used so many kadumkatti words
remember tht.........
ya but here everything is easy...easy
u can understand it fast
hey this is it for now
will write l8r bye
miss ya

love ria kutty
P.S:- I love u loads nd miss u loads

Letter 8(30/01/10)

hey manuppi
wats up.. how u doing.... i no u r doing gr8
by the way theres a gr8 news.. something happened 2day..... u no wat our chinju and electric post got placed in Deloitte. isnt that a gr8 news.. i no u are very happy and the best part is both of them r together again as twins... i no u r lafing ryt now..... out of 22, 18 of them got placed... our chala, justy, pms, jasim, etc etc....
thn wat.... u better tell geeverandi 2 give me things tht i ask...i wanted 2 install flash player.. he said he wont give me... i told him if u were there i wud have got.. but wat 2 do onnum parayandu poyi kalinjille....
geever has gone 2 thrissur.. rest all doing gud... and i m getting better. u always come in ma drms... vn i close ma eyes there u r.... bcos of u i cant sleep... u better help me in getting some sleep.. its a warning dont laf...i m serious... hehhehehe...
i miss u big time da... oops sry achane keri da eenu vilichu... shemiku.... i miss u a looooooot .....
anyways i m signing off ryt now... any news vll let u no as always....
love u
miss u

Letter 7 (29/01/2010)

Dear Manu Macha..
Macha! Planning to write a blog since you became my inspirational blogger, but starting problem aliya! As always. U promised me how to go about writing a blog… remember?!?!?! No issues come online by 2.30 am direct from heaven ..

And I hope u have a faster acess to world wide web unlike that of men’s hostel 2…. Were we used to bang the router…. And then praise the authorities….hehehe! But still the problem persists in the hostel macha .. plzz make a request to GOD to do something with this stuff .. coz as u knw I am also in need of net desperately @ nit these days… hehheh..

Aliya one gr8 news finally I have learned to hold a TT racket properly one of the gr8est achievements in my life…. Now I wanna smash the TT ball nothing else… rules I will learn later… I hope its fine…

Gochu Gallan.. sugar beating with fairies rit… hmm mm….. send me the pics of fairies macha plzzz…ill give u treat for sure wen v meet…
Missing ur typical way of calling me senti…hheheh n tat analytical look tat u have on ur face wen I make stupid statements…..heehheh 
So be online macha throughout and Take Care…..

With lots of LOVE

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letter 6 (28/01/2010)

Heeheh! ;)


Hey! How is the food there? Do u get only veggies? N wt do u drink... "heaven jal"..?
..... Oh! N how r ya? ;)

Fanu when r u gonna come online? I miss our late 9t chats n you weren't there 2 wake me up yesterday when I dozed off twice watching a movie! And How many movies did u finish? or did u doze off in bet as usual!? Hey did u watch PONYO yet????!!! Hmmm???
Hmmmm.... or is it because u r permanently in invisible mode n that back in heaven u guys use some ink that is invisible to us "earthlings"?
Whatever.. i don't give a shit! Do something and come online!

So did u start taking pics of all the beautiful places in heaven? Coz wen i come there u gotta show them all !
How many friends did u make by now? 200, 300....!!!? And are there social networking sites too? like " Souls book"!?
Hmmm.. i bet the place must be pretty interesting to you huh?

Enjoy my friend! Hey one advice- Plz try 2 sleep early. Please.
( I am not giving u class updates coz "you know who" has already given. Heeheeh ).

Fye 4 now!


P.S. We miss you...

Letter 5 (28/01/2010)

Heya ManuP!

Good news! the blogs catching on and making quite an impact too! Do you know about Rohit Karthik? He's one of Favana's best friends. Well, he read our blog and he was moved by the letters we put up there and wrote a "mini-saga" about it in his blog.

Check it out!


Smiling at each other goofily, we decided to go home. Time skips a thousand beats when it’s spent among friends. He turned and walked away. With a sense of premonition, I walked home. News that he died tore my life apart, a jarring note in the music of my life.

A small tribute to a friend of a friend,
Because life is a life and an end, an end.

It's kinda close to the truth huh? I still can't get our last night together at Chinju's place out of my head...

If you want to check out his blog, here's the address:

College update:

I created a whole new record! 3 hours and 45 minutes of straight sleep in class! Heheheheh! Slept right through lunch! And Mercia Ma'am made all of us (the whole last bench) stand up and asked us questions! Believe it or not I was the only one who answered her questions smoothly! All the rest of them were bak-bak-bak! Favana's trying to stop me type this right now! Heheheh! But the truth always triumphs!

Well that's today's madness...Heaven still cloudy and white I presume? :D Say Hi to God for me! Catch ya later buddy!

With lotsa love,

P.S. We miss you...

28 Jan 2010. Thursday

Heya brother….
How u doing up there da? Everything is kewl ryte? I have always heard that heaven is an awesome place to hangout, so u must be rocking there ryte? I am sitting in our sleepstar’s (RTR) class now :). U remember the day when we chatted about our sleepstar and rockstar (Rajagopal sir). Hey find some way to come online in Gmail up from there yaar. I really miss chatting with u yaar. Gchat without u is like chicken fried rice without chicken (eh… I know it’s a bad phrase....forgive me brother :P). Hey u remember the night when we went to Coco Tree and u had Irish coffee? We guys have planned to drink Irish coffee next tym when we go to Coco Tree ;).
Hey da any leads regarding the December 21, 2012 doomsday stuff? Just ask God about this kk, since u r our inside guy, we could get to access some knowledge about it na :). If everything is gonna end on that day, then it’s gonna be a helluva day ryte, it would be crowded at the gates of heaven. Funny thing would be at the gates of hell!!!, it would be absolute chaos over there. Hey better develop some ways to communicate from heaven and hell kk….coz it’s hard to get entry into heaven for freaks like me :D.
About college, everybody is slowly coming back to normal. College has started to function in its usual style. We hardly see any of us in college. Everybody is busy with classes, placements, PDP and stuffs like that. It’s a mess out here brother.
Speaking of mess, it seems the hostel mess menu has a change da. They are serving ‘Oranguttan Fry’ on all Tuesdays and Saturdays. Since I am at Panadans hostel not really bothered about it yaar. But people like Sreejith (Nair) is gonna have a tough tym in staying away from the sight of our hostel cook :).
This pretty much sums up today’s action yaar. Will keep u posted regularly da, coz u r still with us and we will never let u go buddy.
U take care da
Bye for now brother :) .

P.S: We Miss U :( .

Letter to my buddy


howz heaven dude... hope its much better than the scms jail here. PDP is as u said borrrrrring to the core. first Jemy's twin sister had come, than an old grandpa n finally a lady with a make-up mask. sheesh, the whole class was literally sleeping. guess B&I r all ur fans in that case...

Jal's coming 2 our college on 30th. God knows how its gonna turn out. as usual, we'll have 2 'professionally'raise our hand n then scream with the music...

anyways.. more updates comin uppppp...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

letter 2 (27/1/10 - 28/1/10)

hey buddy,

its been 3 days since we saw u properly ..... not used it but it has to be ...

ur presence made a difference to many conversations and made a difference to make many situations better ... i realize that now ....the unusual silence between us friends is weird thing to cope up with now ...

well .... life is coming around ... its moving at a pace slower than we want it to go .. the normal routine is what we have to follow and thats what we r doing with half a mind.
hostel update - the new warden got sacked ... hahaha ... and the air-force returns. the small warden is still alive and is trying to pick his targets as usual. got to business the moment he gets back. hahaha... can u belive it another sacking !!!! thats the 2nd this term !!!! hahaha ... thought u must know this ... u would have loved to be here ....

will update u with more that we come across in days to come .... wish u could also do the same ... give us signs thats u r still amongst us ... bye buddy .. its just a few mins past midnight and i m yet to start an assignment ... i guess some1 has to continue legacy ..... catch u later man. sleep tight !!!!

ur friends

P.S. - we miss u !!!

Letter 1 (27/01/2010)

Hey ManuP!

WAZZZAAAAP?! How's heaven? Is it all cloudy and white like we see in the movies? Did u get to see the Big Man Upstairs? Is he really 20 feet tall with a white beard that falls to his knees? And how are the angels over there huh? Must be pretty damn good looking huh? Aaah who am I talking to? Your probably stuck in front of the screen of your laptop. Heaven's internet must be blazing huh? What is it like 1 million mbps?? Heheh!

Sorry about bombarding you with all the questions. Just curious you know. I're our inside guy!

Things are returning to normal around here...everyone's still pretty bummed though. I guess it will all pass in time. Time is the great healer after all! Hey by the way is time a real concept in heaven?? Sorry! Sorry! No more questions!

There was a half-assed condolence meeting in the seminar hall at 10.45. The whole college was there. Your beloved buddy of the faculty came up on stage and said: "Let us observe two minutes of silence." Ummm...thats it...that was the big condolence meeting. I mean they could have said a few words, or let one of us eulogize. But no...half-assed it should be..typical!

Apart from that everything's still the same old same old. Placements going on, assignments, tests, yadda yadda yadda. Well almost the same anyway. Didn't go down to the canteen for lunch today. The idea of sitting at the table without you kinda freaked me out. Aaah I guess it'll pass.

Well? What do you think about the Blog? Pretty neat huh? Or is it lame? We're not ready to let go of u...I guess that why we created this blog. Wish you could reply to the letters we'll send you...or send comments...but I guess we will have to do with a one way communication.

Well, have fun in heaven! Put in a good word to God for us! Tell him how busy it is here in college and that's why we don't get time to pray! Heeheheh! Wherever you are, be at peace my friend. We'll keep you posted.

With lotsa love,
Your friends.

P.S. We miss you...