Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letter 6 (28/01/2010)

Heeheh! ;)


Hey! How is the food there? Do u get only veggies? N wt do u drink... "heaven jal"..?
..... Oh! N how r ya? ;)

Fanu when r u gonna come online? I miss our late 9t chats n you weren't there 2 wake me up yesterday when I dozed off twice watching a movie! And How many movies did u finish? or did u doze off in bet as usual!? Hey did u watch PONYO yet????!!! Hmmm???
Hmmmm.... or is it because u r permanently in invisible mode n that back in heaven u guys use some ink that is invisible to us "earthlings"?
Whatever.. i don't give a shit! Do something and come online!

So did u start taking pics of all the beautiful places in heaven? Coz wen i come there u gotta show them all !
How many friends did u make by now? 200, 300....!!!? And are there social networking sites too? like " Souls book"!?
Hmmm.. i bet the place must be pretty interesting to you huh?

Enjoy my friend! Hey one advice- Plz try 2 sleep early. Please.
( I am not giving u class updates coz "you know who" has already given. Heeheeh ).

Fye 4 now!


P.S. We miss you...

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