Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letter 9

hiiii manu chetta aka jeeju

hey 1st of all sorry jeeju...4 being l8 to write a letter
din cm on for 3-4days was bc wid farewell nd after party
it was superb jeeju....njoyed a lot
nd the after farewell party...omg ther was a big surprise
guess wht?????????
v saw prithvi nd shreya saran(shivaji fame) but prithvi is kind of a
jada person......
who cares...alle jeeju
nd v took photos wid shreya...i will show u all the farewell pics soon...
y dont u cm online
or call me or atleast send offline msgs or sms
u used to send me everyday wht happnd
yaaaaaaaaa....srry MP got it u might not have got the
cell phone or connection ther na........
ya get it soon
take bsnl connection
so v can talk for 10 paise per min
kannan chettan,deepu chettan,jishnu chettan,jemy chechi,rads,nd ur
favana came home on 26th
as u said kannan chettan,jishnu chettan nd favana r really pavam
yar.....really really
i think favana is cming home for the 1st tym
but she is a pavam jeeju
and jishnu chettan is cming for de sec tym
but kannan chettan came so many tym to r house
but he spoke to me for the 1st tym
they r all pavam as u said
i know ther will b so many grammar mistakes
i am not so fluent in eng as u r......when u asked me ot read ur blog
i said na u have used so many kadumkatti words
remember tht.........
ya but here everything is easy...easy
u can understand it fast
hey this is it for now
will write l8r bye
miss ya

love ria kutty
P.S:- I love u loads nd miss u loads

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