Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letter 7 (29/01/2010)

Dear Manu Macha..
Macha! Planning to write a blog since you became my inspirational blogger, but starting problem aliya! As always. U promised me how to go about writing a blog… remember?!?!?! No issues come online by 2.30 am direct from heaven ..

And I hope u have a faster acess to world wide web unlike that of men’s hostel 2…. Were we used to bang the router…. And then praise the authorities….hehehe! But still the problem persists in the hostel macha .. plzz make a request to GOD to do something with this stuff .. coz as u knw I am also in need of net desperately @ nit these days… hehheh..

Aliya one gr8 news finally I have learned to hold a TT racket properly one of the gr8est achievements in my life…. Now I wanna smash the TT ball nothing else… rules I will learn later… I hope its fine…

Gochu Gallan.. sugar beating with fairies rit… hmm mm….. send me the pics of fairies macha plzzz…ill give u treat for sure wen v meet…
Missing ur typical way of calling me senti…hheheh n tat analytical look tat u have on ur face wen I make stupid statements…..heehheh 
So be online macha throughout and Take Care…..

With lots of LOVE

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