Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letter 11 (31/01/2010)

Heya ManuP!

How's life in the cloudy city going? Smooth? I forgot to ask in the first letter whether there was a McDonalds in heaven! Heheheh! So? Is there one? ;D

Guess you already heard about Rini And Rejin getting placed! Can you Imagine them as Professionals?!? Man it's going to be hilarious! It would be really cool if they got placed in Chennai with me n Favna! All the kooks in one city! Chennai would pay us millions to get out and spare their city! Heheheh!

The selection process was crazy! Took three whole days! And the people had to stay back till 2 a.m on two days! Favna and I were placement coordinators! No wonder it was a crazy process! But 18 people got placed! Talk about a lottery! Our placement sir had tears of joy running down his face when they announced the results! Heheheheh! The two days we had to stay back at college were amazing fun! Who knew that the night life at college was so cool?! It was like we had the whole college to ourselves! No rules, no restrictions, no faculty! We were the kings of the campus for a couple of glorious days! :D

Oh! Guess what? We don't have a sports day this time! We have a whole SPORTS WEEK! Na Na... don't get to excited! We also have classes the whole week! Confused?? Yeah we are too! Apparently we have classes till the afternoon and then sports events from 3.45 p.m onwards. Genius huh? Our management's getting innovative and coming up whole new ways of screwing us over! ;D Maybe they will give us the 4th and the 5th off the full day for sports. But knowing our college I wouldn't keep my hopes up!

Look how our blog is doing! Barely a week old and already 10 posts are up! Dude you're popular even in your afterlife! :P Thanks for inspiring us all ManuP! People who haven't even dreamed of blogging are now blogging away to glory! I think Favna's getting addicted. She was hopping around like a rabbit on a caffeine rush after she posted her first letter! Heheheh! We'll keep on going! Who knows? Maybe in a months time we'll have 100 posts up! We will keep your memory alive!

That's it for now. We'll keep you posted on all the bruises, dislocations and fights during sports week.

With lotsa love,

P.S. We miss you...

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