Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 Jan 2010. Thursday

Heya brother….
How u doing up there da? Everything is kewl ryte? I have always heard that heaven is an awesome place to hangout, so u must be rocking there ryte? I am sitting in our sleepstar’s (RTR) class now :). U remember the day when we chatted about our sleepstar and rockstar (Rajagopal sir). Hey find some way to come online in Gmail up from there yaar. I really miss chatting with u yaar. Gchat without u is like chicken fried rice without chicken (eh… I know it’s a bad phrase....forgive me brother :P). Hey u remember the night when we went to Coco Tree and u had Irish coffee? We guys have planned to drink Irish coffee next tym when we go to Coco Tree ;).
Hey da any leads regarding the December 21, 2012 doomsday stuff? Just ask God about this kk, since u r our inside guy, we could get to access some knowledge about it na :). If everything is gonna end on that day, then it’s gonna be a helluva day ryte, it would be crowded at the gates of heaven. Funny thing would be at the gates of hell!!!, it would be absolute chaos over there. Hey better develop some ways to communicate from heaven and hell kk….coz it’s hard to get entry into heaven for freaks like me :D.
About college, everybody is slowly coming back to normal. College has started to function in its usual style. We hardly see any of us in college. Everybody is busy with classes, placements, PDP and stuffs like that. It’s a mess out here brother.
Speaking of mess, it seems the hostel mess menu has a change da. They are serving ‘Oranguttan Fry’ on all Tuesdays and Saturdays. Since I am at Panadans hostel not really bothered about it yaar. But people like Sreejith (Nair) is gonna have a tough tym in staying away from the sight of our hostel cook :).
This pretty much sums up today’s action yaar. Will keep u posted regularly da, coz u r still with us and we will never let u go buddy.
U take care da
Bye for now brother :) .

P.S: We Miss U :( .

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