Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Letter 1 (27/01/2010)

Hey ManuP!

WAZZZAAAAP?! How's heaven? Is it all cloudy and white like we see in the movies? Did u get to see the Big Man Upstairs? Is he really 20 feet tall with a white beard that falls to his knees? And how are the angels over there huh? Must be pretty damn good looking huh? Aaah who am I talking to? Your probably stuck in front of the screen of your laptop. Heaven's internet must be blazing huh? What is it like 1 million mbps?? Heheh!

Sorry about bombarding you with all the questions. Just curious you know. I're our inside guy!

Things are returning to normal around here...everyone's still pretty bummed though. I guess it will all pass in time. Time is the great healer after all! Hey by the way is time a real concept in heaven?? Sorry! Sorry! No more questions!

There was a half-assed condolence meeting in the seminar hall at 10.45. The whole college was there. Your beloved buddy of the faculty came up on stage and said: "Let us observe two minutes of silence." Ummm...thats it...that was the big condolence meeting. I mean they could have said a few words, or let one of us eulogize. But no...half-assed it should be..typical!

Apart from that everything's still the same old same old. Placements going on, assignments, tests, yadda yadda yadda. Well almost the same anyway. Didn't go down to the canteen for lunch today. The idea of sitting at the table without you kinda freaked me out. Aaah I guess it'll pass.

Well? What do you think about the Blog? Pretty neat huh? Or is it lame? We're not ready to let go of u...I guess that why we created this blog. Wish you could reply to the letters we'll send you...or send comments...but I guess we will have to do with a one way communication.

Well, have fun in heaven! Put in a good word to God for us! Tell him how busy it is here in college and that's why we don't get time to pray! Heeheheh! Wherever you are, be at peace my friend. We'll keep you posted.

With lotsa love,
Your friends.

P.S. We miss you...

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