Wednesday, January 27, 2010

letter 2 (27/1/10 - 28/1/10)

hey buddy,

its been 3 days since we saw u properly ..... not used it but it has to be ...

ur presence made a difference to many conversations and made a difference to make many situations better ... i realize that now ....the unusual silence between us friends is weird thing to cope up with now ...

well .... life is coming around ... its moving at a pace slower than we want it to go .. the normal routine is what we have to follow and thats what we r doing with half a mind.
hostel update - the new warden got sacked ... hahaha ... and the air-force returns. the small warden is still alive and is trying to pick his targets as usual. got to business the moment he gets back. hahaha... can u belive it another sacking !!!! thats the 2nd this term !!!! hahaha ... thought u must know this ... u would have loved to be here ....

will update u with more that we come across in days to come .... wish u could also do the same ... give us signs thats u r still amongst us ... bye buddy .. its just a few mins past midnight and i m yet to start an assignment ... i guess some1 has to continue legacy ..... catch u later man. sleep tight !!!!

ur friends

P.S. - we miss u !!!

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