Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chennai Calling!

Hey buddy!
Been a long time huh? Been busy… what with the shifting and settling in Chennai and battling boredom and laziness!

It's been almost a month since classes got over..spent half a month at home living the perfect life..wake up at 10 a.m, sit in front of the TV for an hour, brush teeth and then have a huge brunch, sit in front of the TV again, then switch to the laptop when you get bored, then switch back to the TV when the laptop gets boring..erm...u get the drift right? ;D

For the first time in my life I spent Vishu away from home! I could've spent Vishu in Dubai or Venice I would have been happy..but nooo! I had the fate of spending what could be the most crucial Vishu of my life in the heart of Paandiland! Chennai! The big oven! The city where the sun dwells! The land of the crispy fried humans! Sigh! And the Vishu Kanni i saw? I saw the ceiling fan spinning at a blurring speed..looks like my years going to be just like that..I,m gona be spinning around Chennai in the blinding heat all year! Oh joy! I simply can't wait!

Works been ok so far..because we had no work to do! Heheh! We've been sitting in the a/c all week under the guise of ''training''. Heheh! But all that’s about to end. We will be given targets and list of prospects in a couple of days time and that will be the end of our honeymoon! Soon it will be goodbye a/c..hello scorching heat! Again..oh joy!

But i guess Chennai is a fun city. Though nowhere as cool as Bangalore baby! It's one helluva big sprawling city! Its like a maze..you simply don’t know how to get from one place to the next..you don’t know which bus to take coz they all have similar sounding numbers..the metro trains are awesome but you don’t know how to get to the station..the autos are the most convenient and the most crooked of the lot..these guys will rob you off your underwear if you bend down in front of them! Well the upside is that my bargaining skills are getting better day by day haggling with these auto crooks!

We all went for our convocation! We all wore that stinking, hot, Jamabavaan age dated convocation gowns n marched into the seminar hall to the drum beats that the slaves in ancient Rome marched to. Man do those hats itch! I had to come home and shampoo twice to stop my head from itching! I think they've been using the same convocation getup since the 1st batch..which means I was wearing 17 years of accumulated sweat and filth on my head! YUUCK!

But you will never guess what the upside was! The food! Yeah! For the 1st time in all the 2 years we spent in college they actually served us delicious food! Chicken, mutton, ice cream! I had four ice creams! They siphoned off 7 lacs in 2 years..i woud’ve ate through 7 lacs worth of ice creams but they closed shop after i attacked the ice cream counter n cleaned them out of 4 ice creams in 4 mins! Heheh!

Then there was the convocation party! People jumping around and yelling like someone dropped a fishy in their underwear! Heheh! But again the food was awesome! N this time i cleaned their food counter out of 9 bowl of ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup! Huhuhahah! Buuurp! ;p

Then before I knew it I was back in Chennai sitting in my office staring at the white board on which my target is written wondering how in the world I was sell enough plastic to meet my targets! Ellaame kadavul kadaaksham! Heheh! ;D

Wokay then brother! Have to get back to work! Lotsa sitting around and staring to do! Heheh! Catch you later bro! As always put in a good word to the big man upstairs for us!

Bye bye!
Ur buddy,

P.S. We miss you...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Strings Attached'

Heya brother..
wassup bro....hw u doin thr yaar. Do u miss us buddy? :D . Or the angels have taken ova u? Js kidding buddy. If ya have angels near wt ya...its always good to frgt the demons :P. I Hope nobody js hav a go at me fr writing like tht.
Slowly adapting to the vacation lyf yaar. For the frst 2 days....had a sense of emptyness n me...coz it was a big transformation na. Bt now its js normal yaar. i hav succefully transformed into a lazy guy yaar. Man....i hav become damn lazy, and u knw wat...i hav finally started to have sm beard on my face. Thank god!!....it was a huge relief.
And ya....my offer letters came yaar...joining date is on June 28th.
yep...finally our geevr got a job in Deutche Bank wt VJ. He s gonna hav a good tym wt VJ...i guess :) .
Results r on the cards da....it can come out at ny minute. Cannot gurantee nythn..js praying to god....if possible js reccomend fr us kk buddy :) .
Wat else da..its 'no strings attached' fr me now or rather forced not to attached :).
Stl remmbr those days whn v usd to chat all complex stuufs sitting n the same room right across each othr....it was an awesome tym duude, and also durin 2nd trimester whn v usd to sit near each othr n u usd to ask me doubts regarding ...u knw :) . Those whr the best tym of my lyf n scms yaar....thanks for givn it to me buddy.
I guess...gotta sign out nw
I miss u a lot brothr....
Love ya....
Always N forevr

P.S I alwayz Miss u :( .

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The aftr efects

Heya Brother....
FInalyy the curtain calling day has passed.....i em writing to u on the first post scms day :) . All of them have almost left to thr respective places. Its been quite a tym since i wrote to u brothr.....em sorry fr tht....its tht...smthngs wr js not ryte for me. The funny part s tht....its actually much worse now :) . Its tht i js gotta accept some facts.
Talkin abt tht .... man.....i js realised smthn vry lately. U wr the 'glue' tht held evryone togethr yaar. Once u left us....nothns been the same....things started to change...rather people started to change....It was quite a twist yaar.....sadly vl be missin those golden old days....
Situations r pretty bad now.....js realised the fact tht.....a person can manipulate stufs to ny extent n turn evryone against anothr person. we have live examples of tht n here duude..Its good tht u r not here to see all ths ass fucks manipulations. It went on to a degree wich in turn left to a situation fr me..wich is ' me alone against the whole world'. :) . I hav been in ths situations b4 ... bt ths ones pretty hard...coz..i stl hav no clue wat i did to land up in ths kinda situation..kewl na ;). I js now belve tht.....howevr a person can mainpulate others...he himself knows wat he has done....n at some point of tym...he would bear the fruit for his deeds....Hell no...i dont think so :D . coz...by todays cosmic law....the wicked always come out safe n as winners. Its a wicked people's world out thr i guess :P . I think its actually kewl to be wicked...coz they get all sorta support frm evry angle . Anyways...thr s somethn good n ths loniliness too....coz...u get to undrstand urself.
Talkin abt the last day n scms.....evryone were bc leavin fr thr respective homes. I was down coz of the fact tht....now it wont be possible to see some of my pals....bt....i dint see tht kinda sadness in nyones face...whom i felt i would miss....in fact one of my frnd evn told me tht...she wont miss me.. :) Funny rye....I dont know hw long it would take me to get ovr stuufs.....seriously man...if ya wr thr....u would hav givn sm tips ..... elle.....would hav been really handy....I miss u a looot brothr....like i said b4...nothns the same since u left....From nw onwards....i vl defntly be in touch wt ya via ths letters da....fr some reason i belive u would onli be the one who would stay back at last....if not physically...atleast mentally....
Love ya brothr......
Always n forevr

P.S: I vl always miss u :(