Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hyderabad NeWzzzz....

Heya Brothr….
Hw u doin yaar…I know its been quite a time since I wrote to u. Sorry mate….its not coz I forgot u, was takin a lil tym to get adapted to new place….new environment….new phase of lyf…blah blah blah… :P .
Like I said…I em in a totally different place now. I em at the Land of Nizamz…yeah u guessed it rye…’Hyderabad’. Joined Deloitte on June 28th….so far so good is all I can say. V r getn paid fr doin absolutely nothn at all. Its good fun also….coz v even get to sleep n office.
Talkin abt my work lyf…its pretty kewl ya knw…got a kewl workstation wt a personal phone to me….got a new Dell lappy…u knw smthn I have to work in 3 screens….phew…..I don’t knw hw I em gonna manage tht… :P. Got my new set of credit card n Debit card…which is kinda a grt feeling…coz we finally get our own cards…which are completly earnd by ourself. Got frst month salary …..expectin ths months pretty soon…
Talkin abt Hyderabad lyf…its kinda kewl….all Saturdays n Sundays v hangout n grps….wich is kinda expensive thog….really understood the value of money nw….  . We 7 guys stay together n a flat….wich is kinda grt fun. Its always fun to stay n grps yaar……ryte frm our very own SCMS hostel…I have been loving it.
Really miss our tym in collg dude. All the tyms v spent…be it in class, hostel, canteen, outside…v vr one grt gang….really miss thm all. Its kinda hard, coz u aint nevr gonna get it back. But stl….nothns permanent.
Hey I spoke to ur dad. He and aunty are doin good….but they stl miss u…who couldn’t miss u yaar….v all miss u a loot. Ur dad spoke to my dad also..they both kinda belonged to Oman fr quite a tym na…  .
I would regulalrly be in touch wt ya mom n dad da…..V all vl….they are our family too….
Thts all fr now da…I vl keep u posted….Love u a loooot bro…
Always N Forevr…
P. S: I Miss u always….

Friday, May 14, 2010

Letter 29

DELOITTE!!! And I lost something. like always ;)

Hi Fanuuuuuuuuu!! Watz up yo!!??
Hey! I have a good news for you..I'll be finally out of Chennai..:)Wt a pathetic life I have over here! 1st the job sucks, 2nd traveling by bus is a mental torture and to an extent even physical torture and 3rd the hostel sucks too (water is so polluted not to mention the unbearable heat!)

And to the great news. I got placed in Deloitte. YEEEPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! :)
U have no clue how happy and relaxed I am at this moment. But to get to Deloitte was a tough ride. There were 4 round of tests and 3 rounds of interviews and each rounds were elimination rounds. Oh! I almost forgot guess who else got in Deloitte along with me?? Yea.. U are right.. Its become so easy for anyone to guess.. Vijay Shankar. :)
I know you are happy for us fanu. And you have no idea how much I missed you when I came to b'lore fot the interview. Every street in b'lore I go.. I remember the days we used to hang out. Ohh! I Miss U Sooo Much Fanu.

Hmmmm.... What did I lose this time?? Heeheeeh.. This time again it was my purse but I was lucky enough that my mobile was not in the purse unlike last time. How did I lose it? Bloody someone in the hostel stole it!! :/ So I lost 150 bucks and again I lost ATM card. This time it was my dad's ;)Dono wt to say?? :)Heeheeh..I Thought so! But U kw wt!? dad didn't scold me at all and that was very unusual of him or may be he must have thought that there was absolutely no point in scolding me! Or may be he was so happy I got placed in Deloitte that he didn't want to scold me.

So Fanu I resigned my old job yesterday and I'll leave Chennai forever (hopefully) on Tuesday. Joining date on June 28th. And again it will be the same back bench of the Finance class except for Ranjith and Rohit Balan.

Take Care Manu.. And I hope you are checking your Facebook messages coz I have sent a lot of messages.

Miss you lots

Ur Favana.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chennai Calling!

Hey buddy!
Been a long time huh? Been busy… what with the shifting and settling in Chennai and battling boredom and laziness!

It's been almost a month since classes got over..spent half a month at home living the perfect life..wake up at 10 a.m, sit in front of the TV for an hour, brush teeth and then have a huge brunch, sit in front of the TV again, then switch to the laptop when you get bored, then switch back to the TV when the laptop gets boring..erm...u get the drift right? ;D

For the first time in my life I spent Vishu away from home! I could've spent Vishu in Dubai or Venice I would have been happy..but nooo! I had the fate of spending what could be the most crucial Vishu of my life in the heart of Paandiland! Chennai! The big oven! The city where the sun dwells! The land of the crispy fried humans! Sigh! And the Vishu Kanni i saw? I saw the ceiling fan spinning at a blurring speed..looks like my years going to be just like that..I,m gona be spinning around Chennai in the blinding heat all year! Oh joy! I simply can't wait!

Works been ok so far..because we had no work to do! Heheh! We've been sitting in the a/c all week under the guise of ''training''. Heheh! But all that’s about to end. We will be given targets and list of prospects in a couple of days time and that will be the end of our honeymoon! Soon it will be goodbye a/c..hello scorching heat! Again..oh joy!

But i guess Chennai is a fun city. Though nowhere as cool as Bangalore baby! It's one helluva big sprawling city! Its like a maze..you simply don’t know how to get from one place to the next..you don’t know which bus to take coz they all have similar sounding numbers..the metro trains are awesome but you don’t know how to get to the station..the autos are the most convenient and the most crooked of the lot..these guys will rob you off your underwear if you bend down in front of them! Well the upside is that my bargaining skills are getting better day by day haggling with these auto crooks!

We all went for our convocation! We all wore that stinking, hot, Jamabavaan age dated convocation gowns n marched into the seminar hall to the drum beats that the slaves in ancient Rome marched to. Man do those hats itch! I had to come home and shampoo twice to stop my head from itching! I think they've been using the same convocation getup since the 1st batch..which means I was wearing 17 years of accumulated sweat and filth on my head! YUUCK!

But you will never guess what the upside was! The food! Yeah! For the 1st time in all the 2 years we spent in college they actually served us delicious food! Chicken, mutton, ice cream! I had four ice creams! They siphoned off 7 lacs in 2 years..i woud’ve ate through 7 lacs worth of ice creams but they closed shop after i attacked the ice cream counter n cleaned them out of 4 ice creams in 4 mins! Heheh!

Then there was the convocation party! People jumping around and yelling like someone dropped a fishy in their underwear! Heheh! But again the food was awesome! N this time i cleaned their food counter out of 9 bowl of ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup! Huhuhahah! Buuurp! ;p

Then before I knew it I was back in Chennai sitting in my office staring at the white board on which my target is written wondering how in the world I was sell enough plastic to meet my targets! Ellaame kadavul kadaaksham! Heheh! ;D

Wokay then brother! Have to get back to work! Lotsa sitting around and staring to do! Heheh! Catch you later bro! As always put in a good word to the big man upstairs for us!

Bye bye!
Ur buddy,

P.S. We miss you...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Strings Attached'

Heya brother..
wassup bro....hw u doin thr yaar. Do u miss us buddy? :D . Or the angels have taken ova u? Js kidding buddy. If ya have angels near wt ya...its always good to frgt the demons :P. I Hope nobody js hav a go at me fr writing like tht.
Slowly adapting to the vacation lyf yaar. For the frst 2 days....had a sense of emptyness n me...coz it was a big transformation na. Bt now its js normal yaar. i hav succefully transformed into a lazy guy yaar. Man....i hav become damn lazy, and u knw wat...i hav finally started to have sm beard on my face. Thank god!!....it was a huge relief.
And ya....my offer letters came yaar...joining date is on June 28th.
yep...finally our geevr got a job in Deutche Bank wt VJ. He s gonna hav a good tym wt VJ...i guess :) .
Results r on the cards da....it can come out at ny minute. Cannot gurantee nythn..js praying to god....if possible js reccomend fr us kk buddy :) .
Wat else da..its 'no strings attached' fr me now or rather forced not to attached :).
Stl remmbr those days whn v usd to chat all complex stuufs sitting n the same room right across each othr....it was an awesome tym duude, and also durin 2nd trimester whn v usd to sit near each othr n u usd to ask me doubts regarding ...u knw :) . Those whr the best tym of my lyf n scms yaar....thanks for givn it to me buddy.
I guess...gotta sign out nw
I miss u a lot brothr....
Love ya....
Always N forevr

P.S I alwayz Miss u :( .

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The aftr efects

Heya Brother....
FInalyy the curtain calling day has passed.....i em writing to u on the first post scms day :) . All of them have almost left to thr respective places. Its been quite a tym since i wrote to u brothr.....em sorry fr tht....its tht...smthngs wr js not ryte for me. The funny part s tht....its actually much worse now :) . Its tht i js gotta accept some facts.
Talkin abt tht .... man.....i js realised smthn vry lately. U wr the 'glue' tht held evryone togethr yaar. Once u left us....nothns been the same....things started to change...rather people started to change....It was quite a twist yaar.....sadly vl be missin those golden old days....
Situations r pretty bad now.....js realised the fact tht.....a person can manipulate stufs to ny extent n turn evryone against anothr person. we have live examples of tht n here duude..Its good tht u r not here to see all ths ass fucks manipulations. It went on to a degree wich in turn left to a situation fr me..wich is ' me alone against the whole world'. :) . I hav been in ths situations b4 ... bt ths ones pretty hard...coz..i stl hav no clue wat i did to land up in ths kinda situation..kewl na ;). I js now belve tht.....howevr a person can mainpulate others...he himself knows wat he has done....n at some point of tym...he would bear the fruit for his deeds....Hell no...i dont think so :D . coz...by todays cosmic law....the wicked always come out safe n as winners. Its a wicked people's world out thr i guess :P . I think its actually kewl to be wicked...coz they get all sorta support frm evry angle . Anyways...thr s somethn good n ths loniliness too....coz...u get to undrstand urself.
Talkin abt the last day n scms.....evryone were bc leavin fr thr respective homes. I was down coz of the fact tht....now it wont be possible to see some of my pals....bt....i dint see tht kinda sadness in nyones face...whom i felt i would miss....in fact one of my frnd evn told me tht...she wont miss me.. :) Funny rye....I dont know hw long it would take me to get ovr stuufs.....seriously man...if ya wr thr....u would hav givn sm tips ..... elle.....would hav been really handy....I miss u a looot brothr....like i said b4...nothns the same since u left....From nw onwards....i vl defntly be in touch wt ya via ths letters da....fr some reason i belive u would onli be the one who would stay back at last....if not physically...atleast mentally....
Love ya brothr......
Always n forevr

P.S: I vl always miss u :(

Friday, March 12, 2010

Letter 25 (12/3/2010)

Heya Manupi!

Howz it going in Heaven? Let me guess...getting pretty boring now that the novelty is wearing off eh? I told you to get away from your laptop and go chasing those angel chicks! Dumbass! ;P Been a while since I wrote to you huh? Hostel net sucks man...you know how it is...got lots to tell you!

Guess what? Ponyo retired! Shocked right!? Heheheh! Favana is now ...The...BIKER CHICK! :D She learned to ride a bike...and bloody hell she can ride better than the both of us bro! I gave her Balan's bike last weekend and told her how to shift the gears and how to release the clutch. The next thing I know is that she's riding the bike without a care in the world easily shifting up to third gear and making smooth U turns! It took me a whole bloody month to learn to make a U turn without falling down! Sheesh! Ridiculous!

Oooooh! There were students from the University of North Carolina here this week. An all black team. Don't know what they came here for but we had a B-ball match with them. It was fun! the UNC team was mixed while ours was an all guy team until the last quarter when one junior girl came into play n shot a couple of cool shots and then got knocked over by their star player! Heheheh! But to our credit we played a tight game bro! I thought that the game would be a walkover considering that they were all black and you know those guys were born into the B-ball court! But our boys gave them a run for their money and made them sweat even though they won!

Well,our reign is almost at an end...just a couple of more weeks before we leave college...I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I mean on one hand i ecstatic I'm escaping from this prison...on the other hand I'm bummed because I'll have to leave all our buddies and our madness...Aaah what the hell ever it is..We will face it with a big cocky grin on our faces right? If there's one thing our college has taught us it's to smile all the way no matter how much shit life throws at us! :D

What else bud? I guess that's it...Your updated! The blogs getting a bit slow na? People are getting lazy..Don't worry I'll bug the shit out of them till they write to you! There's no way in Heaven or Hell we'll leave you in peace! Hehehehheh!

So long Bro!

P.S. We miss you...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24 feb 2010

hai manuppiiiiiiii

wats up yaar..... how r u??? hope u r doing good.... i no u r doing really good.... miss u dear..

pinne i told u ryt i m confused 2 go 2 athirapalli... and at last i didnt go... vnt out vth chinju, kannan, geever, jishnu, favana, VJ, veena...v all thn vnt 2 have lunch in KFC. jishnu was ther 2 hav lunch thn he went back 2 hostel.. he said he had assignments and presentations. after tht vnt 2 fort kochi.. i always wanted 2 c fort kochi and i kept telling chinju i want 2 go there and c the church also..

but v didnt stay there for long... i actually wanted 2 c the whole place but unfortunately majority of thm had seen the place so cudnt say anything also... but i vnt 2 the church.. was so happy after going 2 church.

thn u no wat... i took up ur place... i was the fotographer... and ma fotography skills r good also ;-p u no how much i like 2 pose 4 pics ryt and u were the one who used 2 take all ma pics... ma single .. everything but now no1 s there.... and tht day vn i was taking pics i just felt u were there.... each time vn i was clicking i felt u were the one who was making ma finger press on the button.... and u donno how much i missed u at tht moment. i was not there n any pics also... mayb 2 or 3..... things r not the same da.. everything has changed..... u no wat all changes ryt.... nd u no how i m feeling ryt now also... manuuu give me strength 2 b here for anoder 1month.... i m not being maself..... i dont feel good going 2 colg...i no u r waching everything..... pray me na.... i dont think u want ur daughter 2 b sad ryt....

2day i copied the pics tht i wanted from ur lappy... kannan and geever brot ur lappy cos i wanted few pics....

anoder good news jishnu, geo and all got placed.... rads is still praying tht she shud get placed somewhere.... do pray 4 her ok...

nothing more dear.....
vll ryt later
c ya
gud nyt
llovveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u
misssssss uuuuuuuuuu
muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

20th feb 2010

hai manuppiiiii

long tyme ryt.. u no i was having exams... well this time i hardly studied... but stiull it was ok and mercia mam's paper was really tuff. i hope 2 get atleast 5 upon 30 hehehehe.... pinne 2day was a holiday 4 us.. donno wat happ 2 scms... they gave us hol also....

so 2day rads, favan and maself vnt 2 the beauty parlour... it was fun.. imagine half of the day in the beauty parlour... hehhehe ;-p. then v vnt 2 pizza hut.. 1st time i m going 2 ekm pizza hut... and had cheesy bites and a pan pixxa also.. it was so yummy...... thn nothing much.. thn the guys vnt 2 mulla panthal.. i hope the spelling is ryt.... hehehhehe

pinne lots of things happeniung around here..... really funny things... u wud just rolll and laugh..... i no u r doing tht ryt now..... i just cant control ma lafter hearing and seeing all the funny things happening around here... i vsh u were here... at the same time i m happy u dont need 2 c all the stuffs happening here...

2moro joyce and all planning 2 go 2 aathirappally. she came and askd me but i havnt decided yet. i donno if i shud go ... but u no me.... hehehhe yeah i wud most probably go.... no work also sitting in the hostel....

lets c
nothing much
c ya later...
gud nyt
love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhhhhh:-)
missss u very badly(i hope u were here da cos things r really diff now... absence of u has changed every single thing here.... its worse da really worse...)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

14th feb, 2010

hai manu ppiiii

so 2day was an xellent day... missed u,kannan, rini and sanoop.. kannan was going 2 pune 4 his interview. pray 4 him ok. paavam kure interview kazhinju.... rini didnt come cos her relatives were at home. anyways 2day v all went 2 chinju;s house and it was so much of fun.... i made chicken curry. it was good. i m sad u cudnt have. u missed it big time yaar. i'll tell u who all were there. ther was geever, ginal,rads, VJ, favana(ponyo), jishnu, veena and deepu.. ofcorse chinju was there as it was his home. v reachd there by 10 30 thn me, rads and chinjs vnt 2 buy chiken and masala powder and all... v bot 4.8 kg chiken.. after bringing oit home no1 cudnt wash the chiken.. u had 2 c jishnu's and geever's expression while i was cleaning the chiken. they were like yuck.... but i enjoyed.. the gals were expert in choppoing and there was anoder expert in chopping.. guess who .. yeah tht was VJ. after cutting the onions and all every vnt. ginal, geever, and me were ther preparing chiken. geever didnt do anythikng. but was standing there. thn i was making thiruvalla style chiken curry so 1st ginal was like i dono how 2 make.. geevre was making fun of me big time. but i didnt bother. i moved on in ma own way. thn ginal helped in the mixing the powder and all.

after tht ma god every1 was making chappathi. oof it was funny.. hehehehhe.... gave chinju 1st 2 mix the atta. he was doing it in such a way tht no 2 harm the atta. thn gave 2 VJ he was ok. thn jishnu tried and u no wat happ... he poured lot of water... but later on ginal took it and made it good. hehehe it was fun....

then while making chappathi rads paruthi thannu and i made the chappathi.. v started the preparation by 11:45am and v ate by 3pm. thn every1 said it was good. i vshed u were also there. i no u wud have surely told me tht the food was xellent.. but i can still listen.. yes i herd tht.. thnk u so much darlin... paavam aa rini and ria kutty and kannan missed it big time. hmmmm thn some thing happ 2 me 2day... its pvt da.. i guess u no.. so i m not telling anything.. but plz giva ma a solution 4 tht. bcos old memories.... i always tried 4getting everything but 2day's fone col plzz help me manuppi. if ma papa cant help me who'll help me thn... otherwise everything was fine.

then v came back in ginal's scorpio.. its just vow.. v reached hostel by 6:25 and i gave ma chiken curry 2 otheres.. all said it was gud.. hehehe...

pinne 2moro our mid term vll satrt.. and this time i didnt open ma book yet. i no wat u r think ryt now... tht i always say this but this time i m telling the truth.. i donno wati'll ryt.. plz pray 4 me and others atht v'll write the xam very well... plz papa... i no u'll pray 4 us.. but telling u simply...

our 5th tri result is also out.. i got 2.854. all got gud... but i 4got 2 check ur marks... i donno whether it;s put up.. anyways i'll check 2moro and tell u ok. i m sure u have got good marks.

u no wat i 4got..... yday i chatted vth rini and favan's best frend(a guy) thru favan;s id and the best part is tht both of thn didnt understand it was me... hehehehe.. tht was really funny.. and favana's frend liked me ;-p hehehhehe... i chatted vth him 4 some time.. hehehe :-D

thn nothing else let me try studying ok... i might write letter after the exam ok.. and i'll miss u in the mornin... i used 2 wake u up during the xam in the mornin.. i m missing all those. and vn i get up at 2 am i wont c ya online also... :-(

anyways......nothing else.. vll ryt later ok
gud nyt
lovveeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu da
missssssss u bug time da
Happy Valentines Day
hey jeeju
sorry for not writing to you for so long.............SORRY SORRY
ok to start off...i am sad to say something jeeju
i have gone crazy....i have gone mad.......
wanna know over what...hmmmm.......make a wild guess na.......
i am sure you can hit on it.
I will give you a clue...well it's got smthing to do with favana chechi..........
BINGO!!!!!!!!!!You guessed it...
It's PONYO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PONYO!!!!!!!!!!
manu chetta no words to explain abt PONYO
PONYO is the best
hmm.....lets leave PONYO for a while
wanted to ask u a big question. Do you still take lover,GF quiz in fb out ther.
Are u still getting ur sweetie or some pretty angel.do u have ny surprise plans 4 her on Valentines Day like v planed for her bday
heya.....i have loads of stories for you.....
As mentioned above by others it was the so called SCMS sports week last last week
and yaa all of 'em came home...And i had a very special guest that day...He is none other than the ever sleeping VJ.
I had lots nd lots of expectations abt him...seeing him sleeping on the sofa...all my expectations were shattered in a split second
and above all he din talk to me much...caught him on a wrong day in a wrong mood
but i have no plans to leave him lyk tht
after all he is ther in the list of ma fav ppl....
heya.........talked wid favana last sunday omg she is such a sweet person,one of the best person i have evr met.
Talking more abt the culinary skills of ma sis a.k.a ur sweety....hmmm...well she baked a choc cake last week.......which was taken to coll
nd i was left with bits only...but those bits which i had was delicious
Jeeju u missed it big tym....
well coming back to scms
another person who gave me a surprise was Chinju aka self proclaimed SRK.do u know y????u dont have to make a wild guess lyk PONYO....it's just
tht it was the 1st tym he talked to me out of all these tyms u guys came home..
but the great wall has not yet been broken between Geever and me.
expectations are sky high....thinking abt the day when geever will talk
well abt jams....best niece evr......mails me once in a while.....yup ur step daughter is taking gud care of me......
hmmm.......well abt the nxt person.......... i cant describe this person in few words
yup he is none other than jishnu chettan.....ma phone mate
hope he is not bored talking to me....well.....he is the most pavam person i have met......
Last but not the least i cant miss out the one and only guy from ur gang of pranksters....the 1 whom i consider as my big bro(hope he doesnt come nd hit me)......
the only 1 i think has some sense
let me not keep on elaborating on him..
He is none other than kannan chettan.............
well i know this letter only has mention abt scms ppl
but what to do
i lyk em all so much........
yup lastly b4 i wind up
remember ur ria kutty always jeeju
love ya loads........
miss u

urs lovingly
ur 1 nd only riakutty

14th feb, 2010;12:15 a.m

hai manuuuuuuuppiiiiiiiii


i miss u dear.... remember last time where v all vnt... this time u r not there....
2day v saw ma name is khan. 2 b frank is was an ok movie but u no how much i luv sharukh.. naaa.. so the movies was xellentttttttt...

more things 2 tell u.. will tell u later ok... i guess u no....

love u a loooooot\
miss yaaa

Thursday, February 11, 2010

11 feb 2010, Thursday

hai papa...

long time huh..... actually i vnt home last week and u no i dont hav a net connection at home. thn vn i came back here there was no net here also. i just configured ma lap 2day. they were actually checking if any1 is using hotspot. luckily i had uninstalled it.

so like i told u earlier tht i wud burst out one day, i did burst out yday. though every1 r there vth me i feel very lonely. yady i just cudnt stand. but once i cried yday i m feeling better. chinju made me feel better. and i no tht u wudnt b good if v all r not good ryt. u always want ur daughter 2 b happy ryt :-). then wat else is happening put there. i really feel very bored in the class. u no where i sit ryt. so any1 standing outside the door i can c. sometimes u come and stand na. so whenever any1 comes there i get disturbed yaar. i just feel tht u were there. i no it wont happen but i can imagine atleast ryt.

there r more things i wanna tell abt....... i guess u no and i no tht u r waching everythin so not making it public. u no wat sanoop got placed in SIB. he s really happy. the ryt job 4 him. i no u r always praying us. thnk u so much 4 tht.
thn yeah ma parents have gone 2 blore. they reached yday. it was mithu chechi's mom amd dad's wedding anniversary yaday. ma parents went ther actually 2 c the flat tht ma bro wants 2 buy. they saw it 2 day and mom really loved it. ma parents r in mysore ryt now. they r staying at uncle's guest house.... all VIP treatment. wat 2 do.. only i m not there. anyways i wud go soon.. our end term exams will get over ob april 1st. after tht most prob i;ll b ryting the SBI exam. it on april 11th and i'll fly 2 ma SALALAH ;-p. ma visa will get expired on april 2st so i need 2 go b4 tht. after renewing i wud come back as our convocation is on april 26th. thn probably i wud stay in kerala for 4 months. thn ma mom vud go on sept v2 sll. so tht tym i wud go vth her. this is ma plan now... lets c if it works.. i always need ur parayers like u prayed 4 us during the sports day.

on the day vn v got the trophy i was really sad. kanna made a small speeach telling tht the trophy was dedicated 2 u... i cudnt stand there afetr hearing all wat he said. i vshd u were ther vth us tht time. man u donno how much v r missing u. i bot lot of things 2 eat frm home. usually watever i bring i tell u 1st and give 2 u also. u remember the gulab jamun thing ryt. i never thot it wud b the last tym i wud b giving u something... prob i wud keep everything tht i have 2 give 2 u and on eday vn i meet u i'll give ryt?? i hope it wud work out... but u no me vn i c chocolates how i grab and eat. anyuways i'll think abt keeping 4 u.

thn wat these ppil always make fun of me vth some1 or something as usual. tht vll never change alle. i no tht u must b doing the same thing ryt... chirikenda.... pinne ria kutty is really swt. i sent her mails often.. she'll sent a mail back but vll coll also. i guess she doesnt like 2 ryt.. her exams r going on... i hope u no tht..

pinne vere onnum illallo... appol sheri....
vll ryt later ok
gud nyt
lovve uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
missssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu badly

Monday, February 8, 2010

Letter 18 (08/02/2010)

Heya ManuP!

Sorry I've been out of the blogosphere for a while...suffice to say that sports week was handful and a throatful! I lost my voice screaming till the little hanging thingy went flying out of the back of my throat! :D You should hear my voice now! I sound like Clint Eastwood...my voice is all scratchy and gruff in low pitch and when I'm talking in high pitch I sound like a Khaitan fan! ;D Well let's get you updated bro on all the sporting action that went down last week!

Well i think I've had to eat my words but the managements innovative idea of a sports week turned out to be a pretty cool idea! Well it turned out like I told you... three days inside the college and then two days at the FACT grounds. Oh and WE WON dude! And how?! The final tally was 120 points! 120!! That's like the highest ever! I think Kasthuri might have slipped some steroids in our boys' drinks a couple of weeks prior because our boys were super-humans out there on the ground!

We had last ball sixes, earth shattering smashes, hard-wood floor denting badminton smashes, nail- biting penalty shoot-outs, lay-ups and alley-oops galore on the basket-ball court, boos and jeers so loud that the we almost got hauled by the police for public nuisance and lots of flaring tempers, "F" words and cocked fists! (But none of them landed to our disappointment.)

Ani and kasthuri Cracked the earth with their smashes on the volleyball court, Murali and C.K conducted a symphony with the basketball, Vengy was at fiery best on the court, Remy was channeling Robin Hood's ghost and hitting the bulls-eye every time, Annie ran around the court like a jacked-up hare till she fractured her foot and Ponyo brought in American Football defense plays onto the B-ball court (it worked though! :D). All the girls wore their golden arms to the throw-ball match and won hands down (Pardon the pun). The Dubey Bros put on a Badminton match that would give the Federer-Nadal wimbeldon finals a run for their money in the "nail-biter" category. If Badminton was a nail-biter then Football was a finger-biter and Cricket an arm-biter! Awesome penalty shots from Balaji, Eldho, Sanoop and a couple of great saves by Shyam and five runs from last ball problem solved by a sixer by Anirban that would have done Sachin proud!

Aaaah Man! I got my adrenaline all pumping just thinking about it all! Man you would have loved it! The boys lifted the Cup for you bro! Kannan gave a short and punchy speech dedicating the win to you! Thanks for pulling the strings from up there bro! Cmon! I know you were involved...don't go all modest on me now! ;D

And if the Seniors were last years sourpusses it was the MBA juniors this time! They were the ones everybody loved to hate! But I've got to hand it to them. Without them the whole thing would have been a little boring.And of course like last time there were plenty of beautiful sights to see! (If you know what I mean! ;D)

Oh and Senti went and crashed Jishnu's bike! Apparently he was playing chicken with a Truck! lucky for him he didn't end up sheesh-kebabed! It was scary and funny at the same time. And our dear Kannapi dislocated his arm! Again! Third time now isn't it? The Doc said that of he dislocated it one more time he'll be qualified for some kind of loyalty program and get loads of discounts! Heeheheheh!

That was Sports Week for you! Fun, it was! :D Now... it's fun to watch all our sports heroes hobble, limp and drag themselves around the college! Heheheh! Ah well, that's it from me bro! I think this is my longest letter to you till now! Thank God we decided to send you E-mails and not paper mails...Sunil sir would have had a fit! ;D

Ciao dude! Hey if you ever go on a field trip to Hell give Hitler in the butt for me will ya? ;D

Clint Eastwood....Out!

P.S. We miss you...

dearest manuss..

jus gathered up d courage to write a lettter to u today....wanted to tell u ,rather i knw dat u already hav been watchin me writin my own e-diary jus as us used to do..trust me its somthin dat i learnt from u..
im sure ur pretty much engrossed into ur lap even now..after all ur d gizmo freak!!lik i used to say...n hey im actualy tryin to watch muvies as much as i can.(i had promised u rite!!:)..)many a tyms i do visualise u comin into d class n yappin away to glory duriin breaks...hmph!!dumb dumb!!socialisin a bit too much up der n tym to come here eh??im breakin records washin clothes over here..surely washed much more dan u cud ever tease me wid!!hehhehe..rite now im chompin away on a choclate :)not ur fav neways..but dont i know dat ud jus gobble anythin ud see my hands laid on..TYPICAL MANUPIS :P

today i went on a shoppin spree...was fun!dodo been lukin thru ur snaps n dat cheesy smile of urs..:P dont u dare stop walkin wid dat one..its defo a great one.
tings hav changed alot now..i see alotta changes around me..n im damn sure its all fer d gud..hey midterms r around d corner.. as usual iv begun getn d chills:P U KNOW!! baaaa :P
alrito im off to enter a lil info bout todays events into ma e diary totaly dedicated to n inspired by my MANUPIS..
u hav loads of fun der...keep rollin :)
miss u fool..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Smthn fr ya my dear brother...

Heya Brother....
Hw u doin yaar. Its been 2 weeks since u were gone da. The space tht u hav left s felt really hard da. Here is a smthn tht i have written for u da. Call it as a poem, pack of words, sentences of emotions or watevr u like it my dear buddy. Its for u n the way i feel aftr u were gone....

Friendship is for a lifetime,
Never knew even it had an end of time,
Does this end separate us?
I don't think so brother,

Some says 'Facts are facts',
But some facts are hard to accept,
And i don't wanna accept the fact that you are not there with me anymore,

Your walks,
Your smile,
Your stares,
I miss them all,
I wish i had some sort of window to see you right now,

I remember the day you left us,
My eyes watched in horror,
Slowly you faded away into the emptiness,
You disappeared without even saying a goodbye,
A huge shallow space is there in your place now,

When once the skies were a realm of stars,
And the sun shone brightly in summer skies,
You were there to share the calmness,
But now i stand here in the midst of loneliness,
And only your memories remain,

Now your gone,
and I don't know what to do,
I close my eyes and think of you,
and how you were always there,
I guess you were right when you told me no matter how far you were
You would always be there,
I know one day I'll see you again,
But till then I have to say goodbye,
But no matter whatever happens,
You would be there with me, ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

Hope u like it da. Mind u, this is the most decent poem i had ever written :D .
I vl keep u posted as usual my dear buddy. I miss u a looooooooot da.

P.S: We wl always Miss U :(

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb 4th, 2010;Thursday

hey manupiiii
how r u?? u r rrocking there na...
thank u so much 4 being there vth us for our basket ball match and throw ball match. i new tht u wud pray 4 us and tht is y v von also. thnk u so much.
yday was a superb day in all ways. the victory of PGDM 17. i missed u yday a looooooot. i vshed u were there vth us. y did u leave us da. i still cant bear it man. y the hell did u go da. u donno wat impct it has made on me.
i wanted 2 wite a letter 2 u yday but was tired after the big day.
i really misss u man. u r not there 2 read ma mind man. earlier though i used 2 show happy faces u were the 1st one 2 understand tht i m sad inside. but now no1 is there. give me a solution da. u have to otherwise i'll go mad. i m controlling all ma emotions but i dono vn i'll brk out. theres a lot more i wanna say but its all pvt things. show me how 2 deal vth it.
well it was a good day.. 2day is rads and ginal's 1st anniversary. v all vnt 2 rini's home and hide butterscotch icecream like v used 2 have b4. ria was also there. u wanna no who all??? well rads, rini, favana, chinju, geever, kannan, ginal, sanoop, deepu, jishnu and maself. it was good. after havin icecream v all slept 4 sometime. kannan and sanoop left early cos sanoop had cricket match but unfortunately there was no match and kannan dislocated his arm again while playing badminton. evn annie fractured her leg so she wont b able 2 play 4 2moro's throwball. i m really scared. i donno how v;ll play. so 4 tomoro;s match also i need ur blessings. v all need ur blessings. i m really playing 4 u da. v need to get the trophy. so tell the person up there 2 help us vth the throw ball match tomoro. i no u r always there vth us... well i wanna tell u more but its all pvt things... may b i'll tell u once vn i come up there 2 u.
2day's cricket match jishnu rocked ok. he really played well. 2moro v hav a match vth the MBA 4 cricket also. plz give all of them the strength 2 stay in the hot sun and play. the same goes for football also.
i guess i'll stop vth this otherwise i'll keep on writing. u no i m a nonstop speaker. but i really really miss u man..... u better give a solution

bye 4 now
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee u so much yaar
misssssssssss u a loooooooooot :'(

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FEB 2nd, 2010

heya papa,
how u doing? i guess u r doing gr8....
yday oor sports began.... i m there for basket ball, throw ball, carroms and ur fav game TT. i lost in TT but i tried got 11 pts.. not bad 4 starters ryt? hehehehe
plz pray for us da. V gals r haing the finals of basket ball 2moro and v r haing throw ball match vth MBA juniors. plz pray da..
these MBA ppil r useless. they re tharas. not tharas aditharas.... i really got angry 2 day. i shouted back also. i should nt have t do but i cudnt try 2 control. annie and sweeti tried 2 keep ma mouth shut. they want a remacth it seems. they r losing in all games but wat can v do. its not our fault. they shud try 2 play properly. and they blamed us ki v r cheating. nonsence. i completely lost ma control. i cudnt play throw ball well. i felt like crying in betweeen but ginal and all cheared. i just lost hope 4 some time.
But v r going 2 play 2moro... pls pray 4 us. i no u'll pray 4 us. i mean tell the main person abt us ok... u want ur daughter 2 win na.. so do the needful

bye 4 now.
vll update u 2moro
love u
miss ya

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1, 2010

Heya Brother :)
Hw u da......U must be aware of one thing ...vj n favana had told u abt it stl i vl tel u..... 'I GOT PLACED BUDDY' :) . I vl be sending u a cup of Irish Coffee to ya up thr as my treat kk ;)
Duude...js imagine....i am gonna work in an organisation :D ....now aint tht a kewl piece of shit :P . I wish they dont shut down aftr i join thr...u knw i hav a history of messin things up :D . Best thing is ur sweety is also thr.....gosh!! she has no intention to leave me alone :P. Jus jokin duude...she s a grt frnd n i consider myslf really really lucky tht she s thr wt me n thr also.Nw temme wats hapnin up thr.....Ah Ah u must be havn a gala tym up thr wt all those angels......give my ID also to sm of thm...coz i em stl single ;).
I must confess i really miss u brother. We r havn sports week nw......our basketball gals team thrashd the MCA gals today.....it was pretty kewl yaar...shld hav been thr.
U knw wat...ths tym football, v r gonna get screwd up bigtym. The juniors r pretty tough tough ths tym. Kanapy has backd out of TT ths tym coz u r not thr :( .
U knw wat i em listening to 'crawling back to u' now...one of ur favorite song :) .
Hey brother...i wanna tel u one thing da.....i somehow feel tht u r listening to me ...thts y i em teln u ths nw..... da....if at all i hav hurt u n nyway durin this past 1 and half years.......em extremely sorry for tht yaar.....wont u forgive me da?......if at all i had nythn wrong...sorry yaar.... :(
Tht pretty much sums up for nw.....me also got a lil senti :) .
u knw me na... :P .
I vl keep u posted my dear buddy....Love ya a zillion tyms da .....
take care buddy...... :)

P.S: We Miss U :(

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Letter 12 (31/01/2010)

Hi Fanuuuuuuuuuuu!

THANKS TO VJ like always ;)

Vj is right! I was Hopping around like PONYO when I 1st wrote a letter
to you Fanu ;). Thank you Vj, its coz of your brilliant idea abt the
whole blogging thing "letterstomanu" that all of us are able to talk to
Fanu. It feels great and I am so happy and thrilled to write letters
to you Fanu.

Oh yea!...We did have lots of fun coordinating the whole DELOITTE
recruiting process till 2 in the 9t and guess wt! The HR manager
cldn't survive without me for a min! The moment I was out of her sight
she used to ask abt me! Shoo! I was in such a DEMAND... as always ;)!

The guys in the recruiting panel were okay.. not my type :). But the
guys frm other colleges were cool looking... but dono why I am no more
interested in 'vayanokin':(. But vj n chinju as usual were big tym
vayanokin esp the HR manager! U missed it!

Hey Fanu with whom are you practicing ur Flirting abilities up there? Plz tel me..No..No.. I won't feel 'j'. I promise. Hope ur sweetie won't mind it either. ;-p

Ooooops! I almost forgot to tell u somethin.. Check out this link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOlk3J_Nkxs . Its too hilarious!
Its our very own Vj sleepin in class .. but this time in a different style. HEEHEEHEEHHH!

Anyways, thanks a lot for telling Ria and other friends of your's that
I am a really Pavam girl. Which I am (though few can't digest it!) ;).

Fye 4 now,
Take Care,

Ur Favna (like Ria says).

P.S. We miss you...

Letter 11 (31/01/2010)

Heya ManuP!

How's life in the cloudy city going? Smooth? I forgot to ask in the first letter whether there was a McDonalds in heaven! Heheheh! So? Is there one? ;D

Guess you already heard about Rini And Rejin getting placed! Can you Imagine them as Professionals?!? Man it's going to be hilarious! It would be really cool if they got placed in Chennai with me n Favna! All the kooks in one city! Chennai would pay us millions to get out and spare their city! Heheheh!

The selection process was crazy! Took three whole days! And the people had to stay back till 2 a.m on two days! Favna and I were placement coordinators! No wonder it was a crazy process! But 18 people got placed! Talk about a lottery! Our placement sir had tears of joy running down his face when they announced the results! Heheheheh! The two days we had to stay back at college were amazing fun! Who knew that the night life at college was so cool?! It was like we had the whole college to ourselves! No rules, no restrictions, no faculty! We were the kings of the campus for a couple of glorious days! :D

Oh! Guess what? We don't have a sports day this time! We have a whole SPORTS WEEK! Na Na... don't get to excited! We also have classes the whole week! Confused?? Yeah we are too! Apparently we have classes till the afternoon and then sports events from 3.45 p.m onwards. Genius huh? Our management's getting innovative and coming up whole new ways of screwing us over! ;D Maybe they will give us the 4th and the 5th off the full day for sports. But knowing our college I wouldn't keep my hopes up!

Look how our blog is doing! Barely a week old and already 10 posts are up! Dude you're popular even in your afterlife! :P Thanks for inspiring us all ManuP! People who haven't even dreamed of blogging are now blogging away to glory! I think Favna's getting addicted. She was hopping around like a rabbit on a caffeine rush after she posted her first letter! Heheheh! We'll keep on going! Who knows? Maybe in a months time we'll have 100 posts up! We will keep your memory alive!

That's it for now. We'll keep you posted on all the bruises, dislocations and fights during sports week.

With lotsa love,

P.S. We miss you...

letter 10

hey jeeju
ria kutty here.......
my head is full of account jeeju
v have accounts board practical on wed
plz pray for me
and just say this to ur new frnds and ask them also to pray for me......
will confirm the date and tell...
but dont worry......will write a letter to you everyday...until u say i am bored......
hope you wont say tht
ayoooo ayoo forgot manu chetta
sweety got placed in DELOITTE......
happy na......the funniest thing is rejin chettan is also placed in DELOITTE
will send the treat soon thru DTDC parcel service.......
me w8ing for her treat.......hoping to get it soon.......
thn common say smthing
wht visheshams ther
all r fine na
ma regards....did ya say abt me to thm.......just do mention ok
now really close to jemy chechi and jishnu chettan.......
jemy chechi is pavam no need to say mch na....she is ur step daughter na
u will know na...........
planning to give a small surprise to kannan chettan
very small......very very small......
wht???????? hahaha thinking wht will the surprise???????
ya the same small thing which i gave you
nd u made fun of me saying it was nt a surprise nd all.....orakkanundoooo....hahaha angane
vayikku vaaaaa
today v had beef roast nd all
yup????u r right sunday spcl.....
jeeju this is it for now.....i am leaving.....
bye tc......
hey 1 more thing
hope u r satisfied wid ma small small letters

ur 1 nd only
ria kutty
P.S:-love you loads and miss you

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letter 9

hiiii manu chetta aka jeeju

hey 1st of all sorry jeeju...4 being l8 to write a letter
din cm on for 3-4days was bc wid farewell nd after party
it was superb jeeju....njoyed a lot
nd the after farewell party...omg ther was a big surprise
guess wht?????????
v saw prithvi nd shreya saran(shivaji fame) but prithvi is kind of a
jada person......
who cares...alle jeeju
nd v took photos wid shreya...i will show u all the farewell pics soon...
y dont u cm online
or call me or atleast send offline msgs or sms
u used to send me everyday na......now wht happnd
yaaaaaaaaa....srry MP got it u might not have got the
cell phone or connection ther na........
ya get it soon
take bsnl connection
so v can talk for 10 paise per min
kannan chettan,deepu chettan,jishnu chettan,jemy chechi,rads,nd ur
favana came home on 26th
as u said kannan chettan,jishnu chettan nd favana r really pavam
yar.....really really
i think favana is cming home for the 1st tym
but she is a pavam jeeju
and jishnu chettan is cming for de sec tym
but kannan chettan came so many tym to r house
but he spoke to me for the 1st tym
they r all pavam as u said
i know ther will b so many grammar mistakes
i am not so fluent in eng as u r......when u asked me ot read ur blog
i said na u have used so many kadumkatti words
remember tht.........
ya but here everything is easy...easy
u can understand it fast
hey this is it for now
will write l8r bye
miss ya

love ria kutty
P.S:- I love u loads nd miss u loads

Letter 8(30/01/10)

hey manuppi
wats up.. how u doing.... i no u r doing gr8
by the way theres a gr8 news.. something happened 2day..... u no wat our chinju and electric post got placed in Deloitte. isnt that a gr8 news.. i no u are very happy and the best part is both of them r together again as always...like twins... i no u r lafing ryt now..... out of 22, 18 of them got placed... our chala, justy, pms, jasim, etc etc....
thn wat.... u better tell geeverandi 2 give me things tht i ask...i wanted 2 install flash player.. he said he wont give me... i told him if u were there i wud have got.. but wat 2 do onnum parayandu poyi kalinjille....
geever has gone 2 thrissur.. rest all doing gud... and i m getting better. u always come in ma drms... vn i close ma eyes there u r.... bcos of u i cant sleep... u better help me in getting some sleep.. its a warning dont laf...i m serious... hehhehehe...
i miss u big time da... oops sry achane keri da eenu vilichu... shemiku.... i miss u a looooooot .....
anyways i m signing off ryt now... any news vll let u no as always....
love u
miss u

Letter 7 (29/01/2010)

Dear Manu Macha..
Macha! Planning to write a blog since you became my inspirational blogger, but starting problem aliya! As always. U promised me how to go about writing a blog… remember?!?!?! No issues come online by 2.30 am direct from heaven ..

And I hope u have a faster acess to world wide web unlike that of men’s hostel 2…. Were we used to bang the router…. And then praise the authorities….hehehe! But still the problem persists in the hostel macha .. plzz make a request to GOD to do something with this stuff .. coz as u knw I am also in need of net desperately @ nit these days… hehheh..

Aliya one gr8 news finally I have learned to hold a TT racket properly one of the gr8est achievements in my life…. Now I wanna smash the TT ball nothing else… rules I will learn later… I hope its fine…

Gochu Gallan.. sugar beating with fairies rit… hmm mm….. send me the pics of fairies macha plzzz…ill give u treat for sure wen v meet…
Missing ur typical way of calling me senti…hheheh n tat analytical look tat u have on ur face wen I make stupid statements…..heehheh 
So be online macha throughout and Take Care…..

With lots of LOVE

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letter 6 (28/01/2010)

Heeheh! ;)


Hey! How is the food there? Do u get only veggies? N wt do u drink... "heaven jal"..?
..... Oh! N how r ya? ;)

Fanu when r u gonna come online? I miss our late 9t chats n you weren't there 2 wake me up yesterday when I dozed off twice watching a movie! And How many movies did u finish? or did u doze off in bet as usual!? Hey did u watch PONYO yet????!!! Hmmm???
Hmmmm.... or is it because u r permanently in invisible mode n that back in heaven u guys use some ink that is invisible to us "earthlings"?
Whatever.. i don't give a shit! Do something and come online!

So did u start taking pics of all the beautiful places in heaven? Coz wen i come there u gotta show them all !
How many friends did u make by now? 200, 300....!!!? And are there social networking sites too? like " Souls book"!?
Hmmm.. i bet the place must be pretty interesting to you huh?

Enjoy my friend! Hey one advice- Plz try 2 sleep early. Please.
( I am not giving u class updates coz "you know who" has already given. Heeheeh ).

Fye 4 now!


P.S. We miss you...

Letter 5 (28/01/2010)

Heya ManuP!

Good news! the blogs catching on and making quite an impact too! Do you know about Rohit Karthik? He's one of Favana's best friends. Well, he read our blog and he was moved by the letters we put up there and wrote a "mini-saga" about it in his blog.

Check it out!


Smiling at each other goofily, we decided to go home. Time skips a thousand beats when it’s spent among friends. He turned and walked away. With a sense of premonition, I walked home. News that he died tore my life apart, a jarring note in the music of my life.

A small tribute to a friend of a friend,
Because life is a life and an end, an end.

It's kinda close to the truth huh? I still can't get our last night together at Chinju's place out of my head...

If you want to check out his blog, here's the address:


College update:

I created a whole new record! 3 hours and 45 minutes of straight sleep in class! Heheheheh! Slept right through lunch! And Mercia Ma'am made all of us (the whole last bench) stand up and asked us questions! Believe it or not I was the only one who answered her questions smoothly! All the rest of them were bak-bak-bak! Favana's trying to stop me type this right now! Heheheh! But the truth always triumphs!

Well that's today's madness...Heaven still cloudy and white I presume? :D Say Hi to God for me! Catch ya later buddy!

With lotsa love,

P.S. We miss you...

28 Jan 2010. Thursday

Heya brother….
How u doing up there da? Everything is kewl ryte? I have always heard that heaven is an awesome place to hangout, so u must be rocking there ryte? I am sitting in our sleepstar’s (RTR) class now :). U remember the day when we chatted about our sleepstar and rockstar (Rajagopal sir). Hey find some way to come online in Gmail up from there yaar. I really miss chatting with u yaar. Gchat without u is like chicken fried rice without chicken (eh… I know it’s a bad phrase....forgive me brother :P). Hey u remember the night when we went to Coco Tree and u had Irish coffee? We guys have planned to drink Irish coffee next tym when we go to Coco Tree ;).
Hey da any leads regarding the December 21, 2012 doomsday stuff? Just ask God about this kk, since u r our inside guy, we could get to access some knowledge about it na :). If everything is gonna end on that day, then it’s gonna be a helluva day ryte, it would be crowded at the gates of heaven. Funny thing would be at the gates of hell!!!, it would be absolute chaos over there. Hey better develop some ways to communicate from heaven and hell kk….coz it’s hard to get entry into heaven for freaks like me :D.
About college, everybody is slowly coming back to normal. College has started to function in its usual style. We hardly see any of us in college. Everybody is busy with classes, placements, PDP and stuffs like that. It’s a mess out here brother.
Speaking of mess, it seems the hostel mess menu has a change da. They are serving ‘Oranguttan Fry’ on all Tuesdays and Saturdays. Since I am at Panadans hostel not really bothered about it yaar. But people like Sreejith (Nair) is gonna have a tough tym in staying away from the sight of our hostel cook :).
This pretty much sums up today’s action yaar. Will keep u posted regularly da, coz u r still with us and we will never let u go buddy.
U take care da
Bye for now brother :) .

P.S: We Miss U :( .

Letter to my buddy


howz heaven dude... hope its much better than the scms jail here. PDP is as u said borrrrrring to the core. first Jemy's twin sister had come, than an old grandpa n finally a lady with a make-up mask. sheesh, the whole class was literally sleeping. guess B&I r all ur fans in that case...

Jal's coming 2 our college on 30th. God knows how its gonna turn out. as usual, we'll have 2 'professionally'raise our hand n then scream with the music...

anyways.. more updates comin uppppp...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

letter 2 (27/1/10 - 28/1/10)

hey buddy,

its been 3 days since we saw u properly ..... not used it but it has to be ...

ur presence made a difference to many conversations and made a difference to make many situations better ... i realize that now ....the unusual silence between us friends is weird thing to cope up with now ...

well .... life is coming around ... its moving at a pace slower than we want it to go .. the normal routine is what we have to follow and thats what we r doing with half a mind.
hostel update - the new warden got sacked ... hahaha ... and the air-force returns. the small warden is still alive and is trying to pick his targets as usual. got to business the moment he gets back. hahaha... can u belive it another sacking !!!! thats the 2nd this term !!!! hahaha ... thought u must know this ... u would have loved to be here ....

will update u with more that we come across in days to come .... wish u could also do the same ... give us signs thats u r still amongst us ... bye buddy .. its just a few mins past midnight and i m yet to start an assignment ... i guess some1 has to continue legacy ..... catch u later man. sleep tight !!!!

ur friends

P.S. - we miss u !!!

Letter 1 (27/01/2010)

Hey ManuP!

WAZZZAAAAP?! How's heaven? Is it all cloudy and white like we see in the movies? Did u get to see the Big Man Upstairs? Is he really 20 feet tall with a white beard that falls to his knees? And how are the angels over there huh? Must be pretty damn good looking huh? Aaah who am I talking to? Your probably stuck in front of the screen of your laptop. Heaven's internet must be blazing huh? What is it like 1 million mbps?? Heheh!

Sorry about bombarding you with all the questions. Just curious you know. I
mean...you're our inside guy!

Things are returning to normal around here...everyone's still pretty bummed though. I guess it will all pass in time. Time is the great healer after all! Hey by the way is time a real concept in heaven?? Sorry! Sorry! No more questions!

There was a half-assed condolence meeting in the seminar hall at 10.45. The whole college was there. Your beloved buddy of the faculty came up on stage and said: "Let us observe two minutes of silence." Ummm...thats it...that was the big condolence meeting. I mean they could have said a few words, or let one of us eulogize. But no...half-assed it should be..typical!

Apart from that everything's still the same old same old. Placements going on, assignments, tests, yadda yadda yadda. Well almost the same anyway. Didn't go down to the canteen for lunch today. The idea of sitting at the table without you kinda freaked me out. Aaah I guess it'll pass.

Well? What do you think about the Blog? Pretty neat huh? Or is it lame? We're not ready to let go of u...I guess that why we created this blog. Wish you could reply to the letters we'll send you...or send comments...but I guess we will have to do with a one way communication.

Well, have fun in heaven! Put in a good word to God for us! Tell him how busy it is here in college and that's why we don't get time to pray! Heeheheh! Wherever you are, be at peace my friend. We'll keep you posted.

With lotsa love,
Your friends.

P.S. We miss you...