Thursday, February 11, 2010

11 feb 2010, Thursday

hai papa...

long time huh..... actually i vnt home last week and u no i dont hav a net connection at home. thn vn i came back here there was no net here also. i just configured ma lap 2day. they were actually checking if any1 is using hotspot. luckily i had uninstalled it.

so like i told u earlier tht i wud burst out one day, i did burst out yday. though every1 r there vth me i feel very lonely. yady i just cudnt stand. but once i cried yday i m feeling better. chinju made me feel better. and i no tht u wudnt b good if v all r not good ryt. u always want ur daughter 2 b happy ryt :-). then wat else is happening put there. i really feel very bored in the class. u no where i sit ryt. so any1 standing outside the door i can c. sometimes u come and stand na. so whenever any1 comes there i get disturbed yaar. i just feel tht u were there. i no it wont happen but i can imagine atleast ryt.

there r more things i wanna tell abt....... i guess u no and i no tht u r waching everythin so not making it public. u no wat sanoop got placed in SIB. he s really happy. the ryt job 4 him. i no u r always praying us. thnk u so much 4 tht.
thn yeah ma parents have gone 2 blore. they reached yday. it was mithu chechi's mom amd dad's wedding anniversary yaday. ma parents went ther actually 2 c the flat tht ma bro wants 2 buy. they saw it 2 day and mom really loved it. ma parents r in mysore ryt now. they r staying at uncle's guest house.... all VIP treatment. wat 2 do.. only i m not there. anyways i wud go soon.. our end term exams will get over ob april 1st. after tht most prob i;ll b ryting the SBI exam. it on april 11th and i'll fly 2 ma SALALAH ;-p. ma visa will get expired on april 2st so i need 2 go b4 tht. after renewing i wud come back as our convocation is on april 26th. thn probably i wud stay in kerala for 4 months. thn ma mom vud go on sept v2 sll. so tht tym i wud go vth her. this is ma plan now... lets c if it works.. i always need ur parayers like u prayed 4 us during the sports day.

on the day vn v got the trophy i was really sad. kanna made a small speeach telling tht the trophy was dedicated 2 u... i cudnt stand there afetr hearing all wat he said. i vshd u were ther vth us tht time. man u donno how much v r missing u. i bot lot of things 2 eat frm home. usually watever i bring i tell u 1st and give 2 u also. u remember the gulab jamun thing ryt. i never thot it wud b the last tym i wud b giving u something... prob i wud keep everything tht i have 2 give 2 u and on eday vn i meet u i'll give ryt?? i hope it wud work out... but u no me vn i c chocolates how i grab and eat. anyuways i'll think abt keeping 4 u.

thn wat these ppil always make fun of me vth some1 or something as usual. tht vll never change alle. i no tht u must b doing the same thing ryt... chirikenda.... pinne ria kutty is really swt. i sent her mails often.. she'll sent a mail back but vll coll also. i guess she doesnt like 2 ryt.. her exams r going on... i hope u no tht..

pinne vere onnum illallo... appol sheri....
vll ryt later ok
gud nyt
lovve uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
missssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu badly

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