Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FEB 2nd, 2010

heya papa,
how u doing? i guess u r doing gr8....
yday oor sports began.... i m there for basket ball, throw ball, carroms and ur fav game TT. i lost in TT but i tried got 11 pts.. not bad 4 starters ryt? hehehehe
plz pray for us da. V gals r haing the finals of basket ball 2moro and v r haing throw ball match vth MBA juniors. plz pray da..
these MBA ppil r useless. they re tharas. not tharas aditharas.... i really got angry 2 day. i shouted back also. i should nt have t do but i cudnt try 2 control. annie and sweeti tried 2 keep ma mouth shut. they want a remacth it seems. they r losing in all games but wat can v do. its not our fault. they shud try 2 play properly. and they blamed us ki v r cheating. nonsence. i completely lost ma control. i cudnt play throw ball well. i felt like crying in betweeen but ginal and all cheared. i just lost hope 4 some time.
But v r going 2 play 2moro... pls pray 4 us. i no u'll pray 4 us. i mean tell the main person abt us ok... u want ur daughter 2 win na.. so do the needful

bye 4 now.
vll update u 2moro
love u
miss ya

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