Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb 4th, 2010;Thursday

hey manupiiii
how r u?? u r rrocking there na...
thank u so much 4 being there vth us for our basket ball match and throw ball match. i new tht u wud pray 4 us and tht is y v von also. thnk u so much.
yday was a superb day in all ways. the victory of PGDM 17. i missed u yday a looooooot. i vshed u were there vth us. y did u leave us da. i still cant bear it man. y the hell did u go da. u donno wat impct it has made on me.
i wanted 2 wite a letter 2 u yday but was tired after the big day.
i really misss u man. u r not there 2 read ma mind man. earlier though i used 2 show happy faces u were the 1st one 2 understand tht i m sad inside. but now no1 is there. give me a solution da. u have to otherwise i'll go mad. i m controlling all ma emotions but i dono vn i'll brk out. theres a lot more i wanna say but its all pvt things. show me how 2 deal vth it.
well it was a good day.. 2day is rads and ginal's 1st anniversary. v all vnt 2 rini's home and hide butterscotch icecream like v used 2 have b4. ria was also there. u wanna no who all??? well rads, rini, favana, chinju, geever, kannan, ginal, sanoop, deepu, jishnu and maself. it was good. after havin icecream v all slept 4 sometime. kannan and sanoop left early cos sanoop had cricket match but unfortunately there was no match and kannan dislocated his arm again while playing badminton. evn annie fractured her leg so she wont b able 2 play 4 2moro's throwball. i m really scared. i donno how v;ll play. so 4 tomoro;s match also i need ur blessings. v all need ur blessings. i m really playing 4 u da. v need to get the trophy. so tell the person up there 2 help us vth the throw ball match tomoro. i no u r always there vth us... well i wanna tell u more but its all pvt things... may b i'll tell u once vn i come up there 2 u.
2day's cricket match jishnu rocked ok. he really played well. 2moro v hav a match vth the MBA 4 cricket also. plz give all of them the strength 2 stay in the hot sun and play. the same goes for football also.
i guess i'll stop vth this otherwise i'll keep on writing. u no i m a nonstop speaker. but i really really miss u man..... u better give a solution

bye 4 now
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee u so much yaar
misssssssssss u a loooooooooot :'(


  1. jams...u 4got an imp person.......VJ
    u din mention his name

  2. hhehe.. he did not read ma letter yet.. so it okkk ;-p