Monday, February 8, 2010

dearest manuss..

jus gathered up d courage to write a lettter to u today....wanted to tell u ,rather i knw dat u already hav been watchin me writin my own e-diary jus as us used to me its somthin dat i learnt from u..
im sure ur pretty much engrossed into ur lap even now..after all ur d gizmo freak!!lik i used to say...n hey im actualy tryin to watch muvies as much as i can.(i had promised u rite!!:)..)many a tyms i do visualise u comin into d class n yappin away to glory duriin breaks...hmph!!dumb dumb!!socialisin a bit too much up der n tym to come here eh??im breakin records washin clothes over here..surely washed much more dan u cud ever tease me wid!!hehhehe..rite now im chompin away on a choclate :)not ur fav neways..but dont i know dat ud jus gobble anythin ud see my hands laid on..TYPICAL MANUPIS :P

today i went on a shoppin spree...was fun!dodo been lukin thru ur snaps n dat cheesy smile of urs..:P dont u dare stop walkin wid dat one..its defo a great one.
tings hav changed alot now..i see alotta changes around me..n im damn sure its all fer d gud..hey midterms r around d corner.. as usual iv begun getn d chills:P U KNOW!! baaaa :P
alrito im off to enter a lil info bout todays events into ma e diary totaly dedicated to n inspired by my MANUPIS..
u hav loads of fun der...keep rollin :)
miss u fool..

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