Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1, 2010

Heya Brother :)
Hw u da......U must be aware of one thing ...vj n favana had told u abt it stl i vl tel u..... 'I GOT PLACED BUDDY' :) . I vl be sending u a cup of Irish Coffee to ya up thr as my treat kk ;)
Duude...js imagine....i am gonna work in an organisation :D aint tht a kewl piece of shit :P . I wish they dont shut down aftr i join thr...u knw i hav a history of messin things up :D . Best thing is ur sweety is also thr.....gosh!! she has no intention to leave me alone :P. Jus jokin duude...she s a grt frnd n i consider myslf really really lucky tht she s thr wt me n thr also.Nw temme wats hapnin up thr.....Ah Ah u must be havn a gala tym up thr wt all those angels......give my ID also to sm of thm...coz i em stl single ;).
I must confess i really miss u brother. We r havn sports week nw......our basketball gals team thrashd the MCA gals was pretty kewl yaar...shld hav been thr.
U knw wat...ths tym football, v r gonna get screwd up bigtym. The juniors r pretty tough tough ths tym. Kanapy has backd out of TT ths tym coz u r not thr :( .
U knw wat i em listening to 'crawling back to u' of ur favorite song :) .
Hey brother...i wanna tel u one thing da.....i somehow feel tht u r listening to me ...thts y i em teln u ths nw..... da....if at all i hav hurt u n nyway durin this past 1 and half years.......em extremely sorry for tht yaar.....wont u forgive me da?......if at all i had nythn wrong...sorry yaar.... :(
Tht pretty much sums up for also got a lil senti :) .
u knw me na... :P .
I vl keep u posted my dear buddy....Love ya a zillion tyms da .....
take care buddy...... :)

P.S: We Miss U :(

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