Sunday, February 14, 2010

14th feb, 2010

hai manu ppiiii

so 2day was an xellent day... missed u,kannan, rini and sanoop.. kannan was going 2 pune 4 his interview. pray 4 him ok. paavam kure interview kazhinju.... rini didnt come cos her relatives were at home. anyways 2day v all went 2 chinju;s house and it was so much of fun.... i made chicken curry. it was good. i m sad u cudnt have. u missed it big time yaar. i'll tell u who all were there. ther was geever, ginal,rads, VJ, favana(ponyo), jishnu, veena and deepu.. ofcorse chinju was there as it was his home. v reachd there by 10 30 thn me, rads and chinjs vnt 2 buy chiken and masala powder and all... v bot 4.8 kg chiken.. after bringing oit home no1 cudnt wash the chiken.. u had 2 c jishnu's and geever's expression while i was cleaning the chiken. they were like yuck.... but i enjoyed.. the gals were expert in choppoing and there was anoder expert in chopping.. guess who .. yeah tht was VJ. after cutting the onions and all every vnt. ginal, geever, and me were ther preparing chiken. geever didnt do anythikng. but was standing there. thn i was making thiruvalla style chiken curry so 1st ginal was like i dono how 2 make.. geevre was making fun of me big time. but i didnt bother. i moved on in ma own way. thn ginal helped in the mixing the powder and all.

after tht ma god every1 was making chappathi. oof it was funny.. hehehehhe.... gave chinju 1st 2 mix the atta. he was doing it in such a way tht no 2 harm the atta. thn gave 2 VJ he was ok. thn jishnu tried and u no wat happ... he poured lot of water... but later on ginal took it and made it good. hehehe it was fun....

then while making chappathi rads paruthi thannu and i made the chappathi.. v started the preparation by 11:45am and v ate by 3pm. thn every1 said it was good. i vshed u were also there. i no u wud have surely told me tht the food was xellent.. but i can still listen.. yes i herd tht.. thnk u so much darlin... paavam aa rini and ria kutty and kannan missed it big time. hmmmm thn some thing happ 2 me 2day... its pvt da.. i guess u no.. so i m not telling anything.. but plz giva ma a solution 4 tht. bcos old memories.... i always tried 4getting everything but 2day's fone col plzz help me manuppi. if ma papa cant help me who'll help me thn... otherwise everything was fine.

then v came back in ginal's scorpio.. its just vow.. v reached hostel by 6:25 and i gave ma chiken curry 2 otheres.. all said it was gud.. hehehe...

pinne 2moro our mid term vll satrt.. and this time i didnt open ma book yet. i no wat u r think ryt now... tht i always say this but this time i m telling the truth.. i donno wati'll ryt.. plz pray 4 me and others atht v'll write the xam very well... plz papa... i no u'll pray 4 us.. but telling u simply...

our 5th tri result is also out.. i got 2.854. all got gud... but i 4got 2 check ur marks... i donno whether it;s put up.. anyways i'll check 2moro and tell u ok. i m sure u have got good marks.

u no wat i 4got..... yday i chatted vth rini and favan's best frend(a guy) thru favan;s id and the best part is tht both of thn didnt understand it was me... hehehehe.. tht was really funny.. and favana's frend liked me ;-p hehehhehe... i chatted vth him 4 some time.. hehehe :-D

thn nothing else let me try studying ok... i might write letter after the exam ok.. and i'll miss u in the mornin... i used 2 wake u up during the xam in the mornin.. i m missing all those. and vn i get up at 2 am i wont c ya online also... :-(

anyways......nothing else.. vll ryt later ok
gud nyt
lovveeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu da
missssssss u bug time da
Happy Valentines Day

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