Saturday, February 20, 2010

20th feb 2010

hai manuppiiiii

long tyme ryt.. u no i was having exams... well this time i hardly studied... but stiull it was ok and mercia mam's paper was really tuff. i hope 2 get atleast 5 upon 30 hehehehe.... pinne 2day was a holiday 4 us.. donno wat happ 2 scms... they gave us hol also....

so 2day rads, favan and maself vnt 2 the beauty parlour... it was fun.. imagine half of the day in the beauty parlour... hehhehe ;-p. then v vnt 2 pizza hut.. 1st time i m going 2 ekm pizza hut... and had cheesy bites and a pan pixxa also.. it was so yummy...... thn nothing much.. thn the guys vnt 2 mulla panthal.. i hope the spelling is ryt.... hehehhehe

pinne lots of things happeniung around here..... really funny things... u wud just rolll and laugh..... i no u r doing tht ryt now..... i just cant control ma lafter hearing and seeing all the funny things happening around here... i vsh u were here... at the same time i m happy u dont need 2 c all the stuffs happening here...

2moro joyce and all planning 2 go 2 aathirappally. she came and askd me but i havnt decided yet. i donno if i shud go ... but u no me.... hehehhe yeah i wud most probably go.... no work also sitting in the hostel....

lets c
nothing much
c ya later...
gud nyt
love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhhhhh:-)
missss u very badly(i hope u were here da cos things r really diff now... absence of u has changed every single thing here.... its worse da really worse...)

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