Monday, February 8, 2010

Letter 18 (08/02/2010)

Heya ManuP!

Sorry I've been out of the blogosphere for a while...suffice to say that sports week was handful and a throatful! I lost my voice screaming till the little hanging thingy went flying out of the back of my throat! :D You should hear my voice now! I sound like Clint voice is all scratchy and gruff in low pitch and when I'm talking in high pitch I sound like a Khaitan fan! ;D Well let's get you updated bro on all the sporting action that went down last week!

Well i think I've had to eat my words but the managements innovative idea of a sports week turned out to be a pretty cool idea! Well it turned out like I told you... three days inside the college and then two days at the FACT grounds. Oh and WE WON dude! And how?! The final tally was 120 points! 120!! That's like the highest ever! I think Kasthuri might have slipped some steroids in our boys' drinks a couple of weeks prior because our boys were super-humans out there on the ground!

We had last ball sixes, earth shattering smashes, hard-wood floor denting badminton smashes, nail- biting penalty shoot-outs, lay-ups and alley-oops galore on the basket-ball court, boos and jeers so loud that the we almost got hauled by the police for public nuisance and lots of flaring tempers, "F" words and cocked fists! (But none of them landed to our disappointment.)

Ani and kasthuri Cracked the earth with their smashes on the volleyball court, Murali and C.K conducted a symphony with the basketball, Vengy was at fiery best on the court, Remy was channeling Robin Hood's ghost and hitting the bulls-eye every time, Annie ran around the court like a jacked-up hare till she fractured her foot and Ponyo brought in American Football defense plays onto the B-ball court (it worked though! :D). All the girls wore their golden arms to the throw-ball match and won hands down (Pardon the pun). The Dubey Bros put on a Badminton match that would give the Federer-Nadal wimbeldon finals a run for their money in the "nail-biter" category. If Badminton was a nail-biter then Football was a finger-biter and Cricket an arm-biter! Awesome penalty shots from Balaji, Eldho, Sanoop and a couple of great saves by Shyam and five runs from last ball problem solved by a sixer by Anirban that would have done Sachin proud!

Aaaah Man! I got my adrenaline all pumping just thinking about it all! Man you would have loved it! The boys lifted the Cup for you bro! Kannan gave a short and punchy speech dedicating the win to you! Thanks for pulling the strings from up there bro! Cmon! I know you were involved...don't go all modest on me now! ;D

And if the Seniors were last years sourpusses it was the MBA juniors this time! They were the ones everybody loved to hate! But I've got to hand it to them. Without them the whole thing would have been a little boring.And of course like last time there were plenty of beautiful sights to see! (If you know what I mean! ;D)

Oh and Senti went and crashed Jishnu's bike! Apparently he was playing chicken with a Truck! lucky for him he didn't end up sheesh-kebabed! It was scary and funny at the same time. And our dear Kannapi dislocated his arm! Again! Third time now isn't it? The Doc said that of he dislocated it one more time he'll be qualified for some kind of loyalty program and get loads of discounts! Heeheheheh!

That was Sports Week for you! Fun, it was! :D Now... it's fun to watch all our sports heroes hobble, limp and drag themselves around the college! Heheheh! Ah well, that's it from me bro! I think this is my longest letter to you till now! Thank God we decided to send you E-mails and not paper mails...Sunil sir would have had a fit! ;D

Ciao dude! Hey if you ever go on a field trip to Hell give Hitler in the butt for me will ya? ;D

Clint Eastwood....Out!

P.S. We miss you...

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