Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24 feb 2010

hai manuppiiiiiiii

wats up yaar..... how r u??? hope u r doing good.... i no u r doing really good.... miss u dear..

pinne i told u ryt i m confused 2 go 2 athirapalli... and at last i didnt go... vnt out vth chinju, kannan, geever, jishnu, favana, VJ, veena...v all thn vnt 2 have lunch in KFC. jishnu was ther 2 hav lunch thn he went back 2 hostel.. he said he had assignments and presentations. after tht vnt 2 fort kochi.. i always wanted 2 c fort kochi and i kept telling chinju i want 2 go there and c the church also..

but v didnt stay there for long... i actually wanted 2 c the whole place but unfortunately majority of thm had seen the place so cudnt say anything also... but i vnt 2 the church.. was so happy after going 2 church.

thn u no wat... i took up ur place... i was the fotographer... and ma fotography skills r good also ;-p u no how much i like 2 pose 4 pics ryt and u were the one who used 2 take all ma pics... ma single .. everything but now no1 s there.... and tht day vn i was taking pics i just felt u were there.... each time vn i was clicking i felt u were the one who was making ma finger press on the button.... and u donno how much i missed u at tht moment. i was not there n any pics also... mayb 2 or 3..... things r not the same da.. everything has changed..... u no wat all changes ryt.... nd u no how i m feeling ryt now also... manuuu give me strength 2 b here for anoder 1month.... i m not being maself..... i dont feel good going 2 colg...i no u r waching everything..... pray me na.... i dont think u want ur daughter 2 b sad ryt....

2day i copied the pics tht i wanted from ur lappy... kannan and geever brot ur lappy cos i wanted few pics....

anoder good news jishnu, geo and all got placed.... rads is still praying tht she shud get placed somewhere.... do pray 4 her ok...

nothing more dear.....
vll ryt later
c ya
gud nyt
llovveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u
misssssss uuuuuuuuuu
muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)

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