Friday, March 12, 2010

Letter 25 (12/3/2010)

Heya Manupi!

Howz it going in Heaven? Let me guess...getting pretty boring now that the novelty is wearing off eh? I told you to get away from your laptop and go chasing those angel chicks! Dumbass! ;P Been a while since I wrote to you huh? Hostel net sucks know how it lots to tell you!

Guess what? Ponyo retired! Shocked right!? Heheheh! Favana is now ...The...BIKER CHICK! :D She learned to ride a bike...and bloody hell she can ride better than the both of us bro! I gave her Balan's bike last weekend and told her how to shift the gears and how to release the clutch. The next thing I know is that she's riding the bike without a care in the world easily shifting up to third gear and making smooth U turns! It took me a whole bloody month to learn to make a U turn without falling down! Sheesh! Ridiculous!

Oooooh! There were students from the University of North Carolina here this week. An all black team. Don't know what they came here for but we had a B-ball match with them. It was fun! the UNC team was mixed while ours was an all guy team until the last quarter when one junior girl came into play n shot a couple of cool shots and then got knocked over by their star player! Heheheh! But to our credit we played a tight game bro! I thought that the game would be a walkover considering that they were all black and you know those guys were born into the B-ball court! But our boys gave them a run for their money and made them sweat even though they won!

Well,our reign is almost at an end...just a couple of more weeks before we leave college...I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I mean on one hand i ecstatic I'm escaping from this prison...on the other hand I'm bummed because I'll have to leave all our buddies and our madness...Aaah what the hell ever it is..We will face it with a big cocky grin on our faces right? If there's one thing our college has taught us it's to smile all the way no matter how much shit life throws at us! :D

What else bud? I guess that's it...Your updated! The blogs getting a bit slow na? People are getting lazy..Don't worry I'll bug the shit out of them till they write to you! There's no way in Heaven or Hell we'll leave you in peace! Hehehehheh!

So long Bro!

P.S. We miss you...

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