Friday, May 14, 2010

Letter 29

DELOITTE!!! And I lost something. like always ;)

Hi Fanuuuuuuuuu!! Watz up yo!!??
Hey! I have a good news for you..I'll be finally out of Chennai..:)Wt a pathetic life I have over here! 1st the job sucks, 2nd traveling by bus is a mental torture and to an extent even physical torture and 3rd the hostel sucks too (water is so polluted not to mention the unbearable heat!)

And to the great news. I got placed in Deloitte. YEEEPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! :)
U have no clue how happy and relaxed I am at this moment. But to get to Deloitte was a tough ride. There were 4 round of tests and 3 rounds of interviews and each rounds were elimination rounds. Oh! I almost forgot guess who else got in Deloitte along with me?? Yea.. U are right.. Its become so easy for anyone to guess.. Vijay Shankar. :)
I know you are happy for us fanu. And you have no idea how much I missed you when I came to b'lore fot the interview. Every street in b'lore I go.. I remember the days we used to hang out. Ohh! I Miss U Sooo Much Fanu.

Hmmmm.... What did I lose this time?? Heeheeeh.. This time again it was my purse but I was lucky enough that my mobile was not in the purse unlike last time. How did I lose it? Bloody someone in the hostel stole it!! :/ So I lost 150 bucks and again I lost ATM card. This time it was my dad's ;)Dono wt to say?? :)Heeheeh..I Thought so! But U kw wt!? dad didn't scold me at all and that was very unusual of him or may be he must have thought that there was absolutely no point in scolding me! Or may be he was so happy I got placed in Deloitte that he didn't want to scold me.

So Fanu I resigned my old job yesterday and I'll leave Chennai forever (hopefully) on Tuesday. Joining date on June 28th. And again it will be the same back bench of the Finance class except for Ranjith and Rohit Balan.

Take Care Manu.. And I hope you are checking your Facebook messages coz I have sent a lot of messages.

Miss you lots

Ur Favana.

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