Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Strings Attached'

Heya brother..
wassup bro....hw u doin thr yaar. Do u miss us buddy? :D . Or the angels have taken ova u? Js kidding buddy. If ya have angels near wt ya...its always good to frgt the demons :P. I Hope nobody js hav a go at me fr writing like tht.
Slowly adapting to the vacation lyf yaar. For the frst 2 days....had a sense of emptyness n me...coz it was a big transformation na. Bt now its js normal yaar. i hav succefully transformed into a lazy guy yaar. Man....i hav become damn lazy, and u knw wat...i hav finally started to have sm beard on my face. Thank god!! was a huge relief.
And offer letters came yaar...joining date is on June 28th.
yep...finally our geevr got a job in Deutche Bank wt VJ. He s gonna hav a good tym wt VJ...i guess :) .
Results r on the cards can come out at ny minute. Cannot gurantee nythn..js praying to god....if possible js reccomend fr us kk buddy :) .
Wat else da..its 'no strings attached' fr me now or rather forced not to attached :).
Stl remmbr those days whn v usd to chat all complex stuufs sitting n the same room right across each was an awesome tym duude, and also durin 2nd trimester whn v usd to sit near each othr n u usd to ask me doubts regarding ...u knw :) . Those whr the best tym of my lyf n scms yaar....thanks for givn it to me buddy.
I guess...gotta sign out nw
I miss u a lot brothr....
Love ya....
Always N forevr

P.S I alwayz Miss u :( .

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