Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letter 5 (28/01/2010)

Heya ManuP!

Good news! the blogs catching on and making quite an impact too! Do you know about Rohit Karthik? He's one of Favana's best friends. Well, he read our blog and he was moved by the letters we put up there and wrote a "mini-saga" about it in his blog.

Check it out!


Smiling at each other goofily, we decided to go home. Time skips a thousand beats when it’s spent among friends. He turned and walked away. With a sense of premonition, I walked home. News that he died tore my life apart, a jarring note in the music of my life.

A small tribute to a friend of a friend,
Because life is a life and an end, an end.

It's kinda close to the truth huh? I still can't get our last night together at Chinju's place out of my head...

If you want to check out his blog, here's the address:

College update:

I created a whole new record! 3 hours and 45 minutes of straight sleep in class! Heheheheh! Slept right through lunch! And Mercia Ma'am made all of us (the whole last bench) stand up and asked us questions! Believe it or not I was the only one who answered her questions smoothly! All the rest of them were bak-bak-bak! Favana's trying to stop me type this right now! Heheheh! But the truth always triumphs!

Well that's today's madness...Heaven still cloudy and white I presume? :D Say Hi to God for me! Catch ya later buddy!

With lotsa love,

P.S. We miss you...

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